Google Play Store will be available in 52 more countries with 18 new languages in 2018


Google aims high for this year as the company has officially declared that their Google Play Store and other services will be available in 52 More countries. Surprisingly, they will also make these services available in 18 new languages around the world in the current year. 

Google has launched the new Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL smartphones along with the new versions of Google Assistant powered Google Home smart speakers. However, the Google products are not officially available in more markets around the world and for that reason, the actual selling of the new products of Google phones and other products are comparatively low than the other giants. For that reason, the company has declared the availability of these services in more markets by the end of this current year, 2018.

At the Digital News Initiative summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands the company has showcased the future plans. A user has even shared the official image of the expansion of Google’s own services in the future to the countries. The image shows off how Google will expand this services to which countries in the upcoming months.

Elger van der We, has officially shared this information on Twitter. The tweet was shared in their regional language, Dutch. The tweet says, “Voor het eerst officieel uitgesproken door Google: Google Assistent komt dit jaar naar Nederland (we zijn blauw op de kaart!) ” You can even find out the official live tweet which is embedded here. 

The leaked map reveals the countries and languages where this new Google services will be available in the near future. Basically, there will be 52 more countries with 54 locales and 18 new languages for the services in different regions around the world.

Google is also expanding its new Google Assistant to more markets and other third party consoles as well. The Google Assistant is also getting new languages in various markets, so yes, there will be a lot of new languages available to explore within the Google Assistant so more local people can make use of this service and get benefits from that.

According to GSMArena, the list of upcoming markets includes most of South America, Russia, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Malaysia and Indonesia. All these countries will be able to get the popular Google services in their own regions languages in the coming months by the end of this current year.

Sadly, there is no much information revealed by the giant and they have not even discussed any specific dates for the same. However, we hope to see some more from the giant in the coming days.