Google Play Store updated to v4.8.19 with PayPal support and UI tweaks


Google has started rolling out the update to the Google Play Store, carrying the version number v4.8.19. The new update includes the necessary framework for the new payment system, few performance improvements,  UI tweaks and more. Google Play Store updated with the PayPal support.

What’s New

  • New Headers : New update has got the new header images and action bar area in the Play Store book and video sections. As you slide down the action bar fades out which is a neat effect.
  • Ratings box replaced : The old ratings box is now replaced with the slick version with a colorful background and new avatar.
  • Added additional information section : At the bottom of the app listings you will now find a new additional information section. This will contain the details of the app like app version, rating, installed size and the link for permissions.
  • Paypal Support : Paypal support has been added to the Play Store and now there is a new PayPal button at the bottom of the payments method screen for buying any app or game in the Play Store.
  • Big buttons : The buttons size in the Play Store now has been increased and now they look larger and it is very easy to tap them.
  • Permission lists are now simplified.
  • The galleries now looks smoother and the images in the Play Store now snaps to the edges while scrolling.
  • The Redeem option instead of looking like the primary navigation item it looks like settings button in the slide out navigation bar.

Regarding the update Google Play explained in its support section that, “To help the users to make it understand what an app will have access to, the Play Store have made some improvements and now permissions are organized in to groups can be easily identified by icons. To help regarding the important information and capabilities and app can access on your device”.