Google Play Protect has over 1 Billion users

By | September 9, 2017

Google had introduced a new security app or we can call it a feature in this year’s Google I/0 2017 with Google Play Protect to over 11 different Google Play Services. Recently, the giant has announced that the service is being used by over 1 Billion users actively. Yes, you heard that right, the Google Play Protect has been actively working on over 1 Billion users globally. 

Nowadays, we all do pretty much everything on a smartphone from buying various things to make a number of transactions using your debit or credit card. In such case, it is mandatory for you to protect your smartphone with security. Since Google is providing security for free, then we all should use it.

Since Google had not spoken much about this feature, most of the Android users are still not aware about this feature and some of them have never heard about this protection feature which comes as a builtin one with Google Play Services. All you have to do is just to enable it on your phone to start protecting your cellphone and all the data which are stored on your Android device.

Google Play Protect is like a real-time scanner for the applications. There are many such protective applications available in the market which scans the apps and games which you install on your Android device. Such protection apps scan all the applications and games before you actually start using them on your Android device.

Through Google Mobile Services, this Google Play Protect was available from July month. If you are running an upgraded version of Android OS, then you might have this Google Play Protect enabled on your device as new Android by default offers this feature enabled.

If you are not aware about this feature, and want to explore more about it, you just need to head over to the Google Play application from your Android smartphone. You can activate or enable this feature right from the Play Store which comes as a default application to download new apps and games for your Android.

Since the number of Google Play Protect has crossed over 1 Billion users, the giant has made this app available for all the Android smartphones and devices. Revealing everything on a blogpost shared through an official Twitter handle. You can check out the official Tweet made by @Android from here.

If you are eager to know whether this feature is available for your Android smartphone,you just need to go to your Phone’s settings option. Just follow this path and you would be able to see this feature on your Android.

Go to : Settings -> Google -> Security -> Google Play Protect

You can enable of disable this service right from there or you can just check for the applications which were recently scanned with this application.

If you are using an Android smartphone, make sure you are protected with this Google Play Protect service on your Android device. If not, do follow above path on your Android device and make this feature enabled.

What’s your thoughts on this? Are you currently using a protected Android smartphone? Do share your thoughts and opinions regarding this feature from here. Stay tuned with us for more such updates from us!