Google Play Music will be replaced by YouTube Remix

By | April 25, 2018

According to new report, Google Play Music will be killed by the giant at the end of this current year. Google is reportedly replacing their Google Play Music application by YouTube Remix. YouTube Remix has been receiving plenty of rumors till date. The service is rumored to be launched later this year by Google and it would be replaced the Google Play Music entirely. 

Furthermore, the premium subscribers of Google Play Music service would be forced to move up to the YouTube Remix’s platform after its announcement. After completing this procedure, Google Play Music will be no longer available for public.

The same YouTube Remix service had made headlines last year. Last year, YouTube Remix was revealed and it is said to be the paid music service by Google for the music lovers. According to report, the service would be much like Spotify which would let users stream out the music as per their requirements. It would also let users explore video clips and more within the same app.

In other words, Google to replace the Play Music with a YouTube-like music service which lets you hear the tracks as well as watch them at ease.

Previous reports had suggested that, Google will launch YouTube Remix at the beginning of this year. However, it didn’t happen and now the same name has made the headlines once again. YouTube’s Global head has come up further and said that they are late with their service which is already due. As per their statements, “”the best of Google Play Music’s context server” and YouTube’s, “breadth and depth of catalogue”.”

YouTube has officially responded to this report and this is what they have said, “We’ve previously announced the combination of the YouTube Music and Google Play product teams — music is very important to Google so it’s critical we have one offering that meets the needs of consumers and artists. Nothing will change for users today and we’ll provide plenty of notice before any changes are made.”

Furthermore, reports also claim that, YouTube Remix will take a complete different approach to music streaming service. It would give you more recommendations and will work as per the users’ demands. You would get the best of music experience through this whole new YouTube Remix.

Some other reports say that, the giant Google has already clear-out the copyright issues over streaming music on YouTube. On the same, the giant has set to launch this official YouTube Remix service in a few months. So for the official release of the YouTube Remix, we have to wait for some time until the next announcement by the giant.