Google plans to introduce How To videos for its smart assistant in May

By | April 20, 2018

Google has been in talks with companies to develop and create new How To videos for their own Google Smart Assistant. The company plans to showcases their new venture into the Smart Assistant at this year’s Google I/O 2018 conference in May month. 

This would be an entire new concept within the Google Assistant. This new Videos will provide step by step instructions on asking upon something within the assistant. You would get a how to video of anything asked to the Assistant instantly. It would make search for anything much easier and this is how the entire thing will work out for both, Google and the users.

Google first will showcase this new Step by Step how to videos in their annual developer conference in May month and after several months, the feature will be up for the public through Smart Assistant.

Other big companies such as Sony, JBL, and Lenovo have announced their devices to show up visual answers from the Google Assistant. To make the Assistant more smarter, the company has planned to bring this new How To videos section to the Assistant.

This new concept would be the rival for the YouTubers who are actively using the platform to let people know about something. By providing their own How To videos, Google will be killing all the YouTube Channels as they would provide everything within the Smart Assistant upon asking through your voice commands. This would make the life of the users much simpler and easier.

The new How to Video Concept would be welcomed by all the users of the Smart Assistant. Unlike YouTube’s videos, this How to videos will provide step by step instructions which would let users pause the videos in the middle so they can try out what it is suggesting in the video. Apart from smart devices, the same How To feature will be made available on Smartphones as well. So all the smartphone users too will be able to make use of this new feature within the Assistant.

According to report on CNBC, the company aims high through their Google Assistant. The giant is improving their Google Assistant as we have seen a lot of updates and new features pushed to the assistant over the last months. Google Assistant is also now available for non-Android devices and other third party manufacturers. The same is now available for many home appliances and other smart devices.

Google has been constantly working on their Assistant to make it even more smarter. By providing Step by Step How to videos, the users of Google Assistant would be increased and they will start using their service on a daily basis.

The aim behind coming up with this How to videos is to monetize the Assistant. There has been talks on Google working on their own Smart speaker with a screen. We would let you update about the same in the coming days.