Google Pixel 2 users are reporting Microphone Issue on the smartphone


Google has been facing some issues with their newly launched, Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL smartphones. The company has shipped a few Pixel 2 XL phones without the Android OS installed, they have replaced such phones recently. Apart from this, the giant has recently released the beta version of its smart storage app called Files Go to manage your phone’s and SDcard’s data. Now, some of the Google Pixel 2 users are reporting Microphone Issue on the phone. 

Google has released two new smartphones, Google Pixel 2 which is a smaller one and the Google Pixel 2 XL which is the bigger one. There have been reports of plenty of bugs on both the phones and many users have shared their issues on various forum sites. Google is continuously working to fix the bugs and other issues on the phone and the new ones are already on the way.

While making calls, the Microphone of Google Pixel 2 phone stops working. The same issue has been posted by hundreds of users of the phone and they have complained to Google as well. As per the complaints of the users on Google Product Forums, the original builtin microphone doesn’t work properly while making video calls or using Google Assistant service. It doesn’t respond to any of Google Assistant’s commands.

On respond to the same microphone issue, the giant has responded with the “internal software malfunction” on the device’ software.

From the official Google Product Forum, one user has posted that, “No microphone detection for me of any kind. First, notice through live periscope streams past about 2 minutes. Then Google Assistant won’t work. Now realize video recordings have no sound and at all.” The same issue has been posted by many users from various locations. So this is not an issue which can be ignored, instead they should think about the fix for this issue as soon as possible.

Since there are many technical users of the Pixel 2 phone, they have come up with an instant fix. If you have bought the Pixel 2 smartphone recently have been facing the same Microphone Issue on the device, there is a simple fix available. You just need to blow some air to the speaker and you will get back your microphone on the device. The same fix has fixed many users’ issue related to Microphone not working on the Pixel 2 smartphone. You too can give this fix a proper try and you should be fine with it.

Well, this is not an official fix for this issue. It seems that, Google has not designed their new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones properly. As we have said earlier, many users of Pixel 2 XL phone have found no OS installed and now this simple Microphone issue. This makes us believe that there have been some problems with the production of these phones. One can simply fix this issue just by blowing the air, this means that the microphone is not fixed properly into the device. To permanently fix this issue, one has to replace his smartphone from the company as there will be no software related issue on the device.

Apart from the above issues, some of the Pixel 2 users have come up with the screen flashing issue. According to the same forum listings, some of the users of Pixel 2 XL smartphone have said that their phone flashes when they unlock the device. The screen flashes at the time of waking up the phone to see notifications. Google has not come up with a proper fix to such issues of their new users.

This is the first time Google’s products are facing large number of issues related to its design and software and everything. People have not thought of this from the giant, Google. However, Google will come up with a proper fix with new update or they will replace the phones with the permanent issues. We will update you when Google releases something to fix these issues.