Google Pixel 2 Headphone adapter not working for some of the users


Google’s second generation Pixel phones i.e. Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have been struggling with many issues and the users are getting frustrated with the overall UI of the phones. Some of the users of the new Google Pixel 2 phones have found that their Headphone adapter is not working on the phone. Many users of the phones have complaint about this on the official Google forum page

Google has fixed plenty of issues on the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 devices by upgrading the devices with new updates and by recalling them if they are shipped with some hardware issues. Now, a new issue come to light from the official Google forum which is related to the USB-C port on the device. Some users have found the issue on their phone and to describe the issue and to make people aware about it, they took to official forum page.

The USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapters on the Pixel 2 devices are not working on their phones which is the new issue for the Pixel 2 users. The headphone jack clearly not working as the music sound comes from the device’s speaker and not from the headphones even after connecting it through the adapter.

Regarding the same issue, many users of Pixel 2 phones have commented on this with the same issue faced by them on their respective Pixel 2 devices which makes it a huge issue which should be noticed by the developers of the phone.

In order to give a solution to this issue, we have gone through various forums which are available to fix the issues on such cases. As a fix to this particular issue, users are requested to reboot their devices and check the issue. If the issue is still persist, thy are requested to check it by turning on the phone with safe mode. The issue has been solved in many users by turning on the phon with safe mode.

As you might know that on a high-end smartphone, such issues are not be tolerated and for the same the users of the Pixel 2 phones are recommending not to go with these new Pixel phones.

These solution doesn’t seem to be working for all the users and this is not the convenient solution to this issue. There is no any permanent fix for this issue released by the giant yet, however they might soon notice the issue and may try to solve the issue with the upcoming update. If the problem is related to the hardware configuration of the phones, they might recall the phones back in a few days.

As per some users who have complaint to the Google related to this issue, they get a prompt respond to replace the device from the official stores. So you have to again replace your device from the store and to make it work for you.

Well, this looks quite frustrating as people don’t want to update their device again and again to solve minor issues on the phones. If we talk about the previous issues, there were some people who got the devices without Android OS installed. Being a Google product, people didn’t expect this.

A recent update has fixed CRACK issue on the Pixel 2 devices. The giant has also fixed the bootloader unlocking issue on the phones with an update for some users who have found the issue with bootloading their phone. Apart from this, there was a buzzing noise issue on the phones as well with unresponsive edges on the phone with no touch inputs.

It seems Google didn’t take care on the manufacturing of these new generation Pixel devices. The phones are getting new issues every single day which doesn’t attract the new consumers. Google has to take care about everything before releasing their new phones.

What do you think about this new issue folks? Will you ever purchase the Pixel 2 phone? Do share your thoughts on this. If you have anything more to ask or have any queries regarding this issue, kindly let us know in the comments section given below this post.