Google Photos can recognise your pets


Google has updated the Google Photos app which now has a new feature which can recognise your pets. Yes, the new Google Photos app can now recognise your pet by sorting out the photos with machine learning technology. The Google Photos app can detect the photos of your app and can sort them out in a group with a new album. 

Google’s new algorithm will work itself and it can recognises everything related to your pets. So you don’t have to search for dog or cat in the search field as the new algorithm will sort the pictures out automatically within the Photos app.

Fortunately, the app has been rolled out to most of the countries from today itself. So you can go ahead to the Play Store and can update the existing Google Photos app to see and to explore the new feature. Apart from this, there are some basic improvements added to the native Google Photos app to find out the perfect pictures and other useful photos of yours.

Apart from showing the grouped photos of the pet along with the people, the app also improves the search capabilities. You can even label them by name so it will make it easier to search and find it out. There is also an option to search by breed and animal emojis within the app.

As per the official Google’s announcement, “you’ll be able to see photos of the cats and dogs now grouped alongside people, and you can label them by name, search to quickly find photos of them, or even better, photos of you and them.”

The new machine learning technology will help users to sort out the animals and to recognise them if they have different breeds. However, it will get confused if you have two different animals of the same breed. So Google is constantly trying to improve this feature for the animals of the same breed so if you have two animals of the same breed, the app can even work with them to sort them out.

If we talk about the people’s reactions and reviews, most of them didn’t find this new Pet recognition feature in Google Photos app impressive as they didn’t get the accurate results even if they search for their dogs pictures. The app shows them cat pictures and various other pictures instead of what they are searching in the app. Some of them are impressed with the results as well. So, there have been mixed reviews from the users who have tried out the new Google Photos app on their respective smartphones.

Google is currently working on the next update which would be more stable version of the Photos app with all the bug fixes and other issues reported by the users from around the world. As per other reports, this is just a welcome edition of the app and we would see a few more updated editions of this app in the coming days by the giant Google.

As we all know, Smartphones are getting more smarter with the innovations in technology. Machine Learning technology has becoming more popular as many new apps are now compatible with this machine learning technology to do various tasks automatically with just one time setup. If we talk about the future, there will be even more innovative smartphones available in the market with new technologies and innovations in the technology gadgets. Stay tuned with us for more such updates on technology, smartphones and more!