Google now shows which ebooks are available in your local library


If you love reading different types of eBooks by Google’s own eBooks local library, here’s something special for you. Google has recently updated its search functionality which lets users show if the ebook which they are searching is available in their local library? This way, you will be able to easily get your favourite books from your own local library. 

This new feature works on web version and mobile version and it gets you the same results for the ebooks which you are searching for. If the ebook is available in your local ebook library, you will see a button, Borrow ebook. Once you put the title of your eBook into the Google’s search field, you would see GetBook option under the search box so you will be able to instantly get that eBook from your personal eBook local library.

Many libraries in the United States offer such functionality to the users of eBooks who love to read different types of eBooks in their free time. Such libraries allow you to borrow ebooks from them via digital gateway. Almost all the libraries in the United States are not becoming digitally advanced and they have a huge collections of books in digital medium so you can borrow books from nearest libraries.

Interestingly, Google is integrating with all such libraries which offer such borrow book services. Once you search on Google for a particular book with a proper title of that book, you will see various options related to that book. You can borrow it from nearest stores or you can get it from the local ebook library if it is available there. So, things will become more easier for everyone who likes to read different types of eBooks through digital medium.

So by now, you don’t have to search for proper websites and purchase your required eBooks as Google will now take care for you and you will be able to get done all the things rightfully for your eBooks requirements.

Google has officially confirmed about this new feature for eBook readers via their official Twitter handle. As per the official tweets, “Calling all U.S. bookworms! Now you can take a look at what e-books are available to borrow at your local library, right in Search. ” You can even see the live Tweet from here, just check it out.

Recently, Google has updated their native Gmail app which now allows users to get clickable links of email addresses, street addresses to show direct maps and mobile numbers to open through phone’s dialer. And now, this new eBook update for all the avid readers who have limited budget, they can now get rental ebooks from the nearby stores offering such services. So it’s kind of a good update for the people who are actually using the services.

Google has said that the new eBook feature has been officially rolled to for the people in the entire United States. This feature is available and accessible through Web version or Mobile version. You can test it out for yourself by entering the name of a particular eBook into the Google’s Search field and you would be able to see this new feature in the suggested web pages.