Google Maps redesigned with new location discovery features


Google has recently updated the Google Maps app with a variety of new features. The update brings new location discovery feature which makes it easier for you to reach to your destinations more conveniently. The updated Google Maps has a new redesigned look with more colors and options for the perfect location. 

The new design will be rolled out over the world in next few weeks to all the platforms. The updated version of Google Maps will be available from official website and from the Android and iOS platforms. The version will feature more information while you choose the travelling. You will see information of nearby gas stations, shopping malls and more. You can easily drop off and can get your things accurately.

If you are travelling through city transit, you will see next bus stops and other stations at accurate timings and more. This will be your personal guide who will guide you through all the paths and streets including various other services to purchase things while on the way.

Updated color scheme on the Google Maps app will make the entire User Interface of this app more easier. It will also identify Business locations which makes it easier for you find the perfect venues by using the map. You will see different colored icons to choose the right sport and venue as per your requirements. It will be more convenient for you to choose the right venue with perfect location.

You can find out different color schemes of Google Maps by following below image. You could see Orange color with Food & Drink category the same will be different for various desires of yours. You can find out and remember the color schemes to find out the perfect venues for your requirements.

Additionally, Google will be rolling out this update to all the products including Google Earth, Google Search, Google Maps and more. The redesign update of the Google Maps will be available for all the platforms which uses Google Maps APIs. This new update will offer a consistent experience to make use of the Google Maps on your device.

As per the official statement, “You’ll see these changes over the next few weeks in all Google products that incorporate Google Maps, including the Assistant, Search, Earth, and Android Auto. Over time, the new style will also appear in the apps, websites and experiences offered by companies that use Google Maps APIs as well.”

Apart from this Google Maps update, the giant has recently unleashed the Google Assistant to larger screen devices i.e. Tablets. Google Assistant is slowly making its way to non-Google devices and now the new update of the Google app brings the support for Tablets as well. This is something interesting which the Tablet users around the world are looking for.

The giant has also started shipping the new Google Pixel Buds, Bluetooth Headphones which was announced during the launch of the new Pixel phones. Google has recently released, Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone in the market which brings the best of features to your hands. Google has also released the new Smart Storage app called Files Go app to manage your mobile phone’s data.

The new Google Map will soon be available in the market for all the platforms. We would update you when the official update rolled out.