Google Maps gets an alert feature for commuters on trains and buses when their destination arrives


Recently, Google has updated its popular navigation app, Google Maps for iOS to compatible on bigger screens of iPhone X with edge to edge displays. The app also brings a couple of new features to the iOS devices with new Search feature at the bottom side of the device to make it easier for users to access the maps with single hand. Today, the same app gets an alert update to notify you when your destination arrives. The update is available for the commuters of Subways and Buses. 

The new alert feature is kind of a very helpful feature for the regular travellers who use Buses and Subways for their daily routine. People who use the service for the first time may also find it very useful as the app will notify you or we can say alert you before your destination arrives. So you can prepare yourself to get off at the right time. The app will keep track on train, bus and subways and will send out alerts on regular basis.

According to reports, the app will send you push notification on your phone’s display. Since you are already using the Google Maps while travelling, the app will notify you with your destination as push notification on the display.

Nowadays, people are getting smarter and they do like to use such services on their daily routine. Since we have plenty of options available in the market, one has to come up with such new attractive features to bring the best of UI. The same alert feature is also available on CityMapper app in the United States.

Well, this new Alert feature is available in the United States only and there is no any information whether this new update will be available to other countries or not. However, for the people of US the alert service is now live and you can start using it right away on a respective iOS device.

Google Maps is undoubtedly world’s most popular navigation service available for Android and iOS platforms. Fortunately, the same service is also available for web users and they can access full maps on the web by visiting the URL. Google Maps is available with different modes and it is updated with most advanced features. You too can make use of every single features of this app using this app on a respective device.

If we talk about the commuters who travel through Subways, Buses and Trains, they somehow distracted by other travellers or by some issues and this is the reason why this new feature will help them with this new alert feature with push notification.

According to the official blogpost by Google, all the Android users are able to get this new alert feature on their devices. However, the Google Maps new feature is also seen on the iOS platform as well. As mentioned above, the update is available in the United States only and the giant will soon make it available to the other countries as well.

Google is continuously updating the Google Maps with new features day by day. The giant has also updated the app with new discovery feature to discover for things. The new update has also fixed errors for Android Oreo updated devices. Google Maps also allows you to use offline maps, download a particular map and you can make use of that map without the Internet connectivity as well.

What’s your take on this guys? Did you get this new alert feature already? Do share your thoughts and opinions in front of us. Meanwhile, if you have anything to share, kindly let us know in the comments given below this post. Stay tuned with us for more updates!