Google makes its AI engine TensorFlow open source



Machine learning software is a type of artificial intelligence that lets software to interpret and make prediction from the vast set of data. Currently, it is a rage in Silicon Valley, where multiple big companies like Microsoft, Facebook even Apple is investing. Google was the first company that started this trend and currently this tech has already found a place in Google Photos, Gmail and Google Search.

More companies including Google, Amazon and Facebook are working with this Machine Learning tech to make their products better. The Machine Learning is getting into a complex place, where researchers are developing a computer models that can see and understand what it is looking at.

Here, Google wants to be ahead of others. So the search giant is taking TensorFlow to open source by releasing it to engineers, students, researchers and others with enough amount of coding. The TensorFlow is a machine learning system used by Google internally for a few years. This tech is based on how brain recognizes things.

According to Google, this tech is a great starting step towards making world’ tech more advanced. As the company has made this program open source, more researchers and engineers can use it to help their research and make workable application without rewriting the code. Artificial Intelligence is future of our tech and Google has taken a very good and useful step for making it even better.