Google Lens now available on iOS via Google Photos


Google has officially made the Google Lens available to iOS platform via the updated Google Photos. The giant has announced this via their official Twitter handle yesterday. Google Lens was announced in last year’s Google I/O event for the Pixel phones. And now, the Google Lens is widely available to Android and iOS devices. 

By now, the users of iOS devices will be able to extract hyperlink, texts and more information from the Photos using this new Google Lens. Basically, it’s kind of an innovative feature which lets you fetch the information from a photograph. The Lens works on machine learning technology which recognises things well and with the help of other Google’s algorithms, it gets you the best results on your phone’s screens.

Google Lens helps you to extract the texts, hyperlinks from the images and can identifies the landmarks just by looking at the photos. The app is now rolled out to iOS devices through Google Photos app so all the iOS users can now test out and explore this unique feature on their respective Google Photos app.

As per Google Photos’ Twitter handle, “Starting today and rolling out over the next week, those of you on iOS can try the preview of Google Lens to quickly take action from a photo or discover more about the world around you. Make sure you have the latest version (3.15) of the app.” You can find out the official announcement from here with an embedded tweet.

If you are curious enough to use the Google Lens on an iOS device, then you should first update the Google Photos app. Make sure the Google Photos app on your iOS device is up to date. The Google Lens comes with the Google Photos v3.15. Go ahead to the App Store and update Google Photos application to this latest version before doing anything.

In order to start accessing this feature, launch the Google Photos app first on your iOS device. Now, open a photo within the Photos app and click on to the Google Lens logo. For more information on this new feature, you can simply read out the full detailed information about this feature from Google’s official page.

Well, many of the iOS users have complaint regarding this feature on Twitter as they don’t see any such functionality on their updated Google Photos well. It seems like the current Google Lens update within the Google Photos app is rolling out in phases and it would take some time to reach out to the global market. So if you haven’t got the Google Lens to your iOS device just yet, you have to wait for some more days for the same. Make sure your iOS device is running with English language as this feature will work on the devices with English language.

It’s much more essential feature, especially if you own a business. The app lets you even scan the Business Card and it will let you save the contact with full details to your iOS device instantly. This is not just done, when you access the photo using the Google Lens, it will show you all the information related to that photo. If you show an image of the Restaurant, the Google Lens will show you everything, the address, maps, contact information and pretty much everything.

Google Photos for iOS comes with some limitations and hence it will show you limited information within the Google Lens application. In the future, the app will receive more updates and the giant will add all the functionalities to the iOS platform just like their own, Android platform.