Google Lens now available through Google Photos for every Android user


Google has announced previously that its Lens feature will be available for iOS and Android platforms. Well, the giant has officially made the Google Lens available through Google Photos for every Android users. Yes, the Google Lens feature now available to explore through Google Photos app of Google. 

Google Lens was announced for the Pixel phones exclusively. After a few months of exclusivity, the app has now come to other Android devices through Google Photos app. Google has officially announced the availability of Google Lens via their official Twitter handle. You can find out the official tweet which is embedded here.

This Google Lens’ integration is finally rolled out with an update of the Google Photos app. Yes, the app has been made available within the Google Photos update on the Play Store. So to explore the Google Lens feature, first you have to update the Google Photos app from the official Play Store’s page.

Google Lens is kind of your own personal photographer assistant which lets you know about the places by looking at the photos. Yes, the app works brilliantly with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Google’s own algorithms.

The Google Lens understands what you are looking for and it will give you the correct information about the photographs that you have captured through your smartphone. It will give you full details of a particular place or shop or restaurant within the photograph.

The app has some basic recognising features for the initial period, however the giant will add more improvements to find out the animals and other places more accurately using the Pictures.

Well, Google’s new Google Lens is made available for Android platform for now as you can see in the live embedded tweet above. The same will soon be available for the iOS platform through the Photos app update on the platform for all the iOS users around the world.

Being a Google product, Android users will be able to update their Google Photos app from the Play Store and can start exploring this application right away. On the other side, the iOS users have to wait for a few more days to receive the update of the Photos app for their iOS platform. It will take a few days of time to design the same update for the iOS platform.

Once you use the Google Lens, it will recognise the photo of a landmark or any restaurant or shop and will give you full details including the full address, contact information, email address and more which are available on the Internet regarding that particular places. So if you are not familiar with something, ask the Google Lens to find out the place for you.

The app will come with support for other Google services such as Google Maps and more. So you can get everything at your phone’s display in no time. It’s pretty impressive app which is now made available for everyone through Google Photos app update.

You can update Google Photos app by heading towards the official Google Play Store‘s page right now. The app will be updated and you will be able to explore this feature on a respective Android smartphone.