Google introduces new Google Smart Reply, lets users reply without typing a word


Google has been working on their new Reply app as reported by many tech giants. Today, the company has officially introduced their new Google Smart Reply app. Basically, Reply is an AI powered app which lets you reply to texts messages without typing a single word. Yes, you heard that right. The app is designed to shorten up the time while replying to a particular text message. 

The new Google Reply app has contextually meaningful replies in your notifications. So you can simply select the reply and hit the send button. The reply will be sent to the recipient in no time. The Beta version of this app is now available and you too can give it a try on a respective Android device.

The app requires you to enable all the required permissions from your device. Once you install the app, you would be asked to grant permissions from your device to let the app work properly on your device. The app will itself take over notifications from various apps such as WhatsApp, Hangouts, Slack, Twitter DM etc. You can also add buttons labeled with proper replies so you can send them quickly just by tapping on to it.

So if you are more into texting through various chatting apps, you should give this app a single try as it would be really helpful for you to make quick conversations. The app was first introduced on the Gmail app where people can instantly reply just by selecting the labeled buttons. The giant is now populating this app to other third party apps within the Android device.

For best results, you should enable the location of your device so the app can work better on your device and can offer more accurate results. So if someone asking for basic questions, you can simply select the answer and send them out quickly. It work as fast as you click and that’s what impresses you.

With location enabled, the app will offer more labeled replies such as walking, driving, sleeping, cycling and many other more. The app doesn’t work at its best as it doesn’t know the actual time when you fall asleep. But still, the giant wants to know how many users will use this Sleeping feature within the app. They will collect more of such data from the users around the world.

Furthermore, the app also helps you to keep yourself away while you are driving. The app itself detects whenever you drive a car and will automatically turn on the Do Not Disturb mode on your device. This way you can drive safely without getting any notifications to destruct you from driving. The app will also send out robotic notification to let the recipient aware about it. So yes, it’s pretty much helpful for everyone.

If we talk about the compatibility, the Google Reply app is currently working on a limited number of apps. It works perfectly on Facebook Messenger, Android Messages, Twitter DMs, Skype and WhatsApp. These are the most popular Instant Messaging apps and most of the smartphone users are using any of these apps for daily communications. Fortunately, the Google Reply app works on all these apps so you will be able to test it out right now with its beta version.

If you are ready to test out this app on a respective Android smartphone, you can sideload this app from the APKMirror. Just go to the download page and download the APK file of this app from the mentioned link. Once you get the APK file, you will have to manually install the app. After that, you will be guided through the setup process by the system and you will be good to go with it!