Google Home Max is available to purchase now for $399


Google has released a few useful variants of its Google Home smart speaker recently and the giant, Google Home Max is finally making its way to the real tech market. Yes, the all new Google Home Max is available to purchase now. The Google Home Max is priced at $399. 

Google Home Max was first announced on October 4th along with the Google Home Mini, the new Pixel smartphones and a few other hardware during the event. Google Home Max is powered by even more advanced features compare to its mini version, Google Home Mini. The Home Max offers powerful sound quality.

Interestingly, Google Home Max smart speaker is not yet available to purchase on the official Google Store, however the same is listed on other online retailers such as Best Buy and Verizon. Both the retailers show a shipping day Today itself so you can instantly purchase this new Google Home Max speaker from the retailers. However, the official Google Store shows the Google Home Max speaker is available to take orders now and is listed with join the waitlist. There is no any Buy button available on the official Google Store for the Google Home Max speaker.

If you look on the Amazon, there will be no any Google Home speakers or Chromecast available to purchase as these devices don’t support Amazon Prime Video and its online streaming. So the Google Home Smart speakers are not listed on the Amazon.

As far as the specifications of this Google Home Max speaker are concerned, it sports a dual 4.5 Inch high-excursion woofers with powerful output. It also comes with 0.7 Inch custom tweeters. As per the official words, the Google Home Max is 20 times more powerful than the original Google Home speaker. So if you are looking for an advanced smart speaker with great output, Google Home Max is up for purchase now.

Interestingly, the Google Home Max is designed to place either vertically or horizontally. You can put the speaker as per your requirements and space. The Home Max features Smart Sound feature which adjust itself in rooms and offers quality output everywhere in the room. This is the most advanced system available in the market which features a set of advanced features.

As an input jack, the Google Home Max features 3.5 mm Audio Jack. You can even connect your other devices including the smartphone to play your music and videos.

The new generation, Google Home Max is designed to compete against the other high-end smart speakers. It is designed to given powerful output compare to other smart speakers available in the market such as Apple’s HomePod and Sony’s Sonos. Google Home Max is a new member in the smart speakers lineup of Google with last year’s Google Home and this year’s Google Home Mini speakers.

Being the bigger device, it is priced quite high compare to the other speakers. Google Home Max is priced at $399 on both the retailers, BestBuy and Verizon. Google Store is yet to list down the Google Home Max smart speaker, however we can expect the new speaker to be officially available in next couple of days.

Apple’s HomePod is a Siri powered smart speaker which will be equipped with some of the great technical features. The HomePod will be released very soon in the market and Google Home Max will have this speaker as its competitor in future. Apple’s HomePod is priced at $349 which is $50 less than the Google Home Max.

What’s your take guys? Will you purchase this new Google Home Max speaker in future? Do share your thoughts and views in front of us. If you have any queries or questions to ask or have any feedbacks to share, kindly let us know in the comments section. For more updates, stay tuned with us!