Google Glass for Sale in US, only on April 15

By | April 11, 2014


Google Glass may not be prepared for a full business propel simply yet, however if you have ever dreamed for turning into a Glass Explorer, you’ll need to set an alarm for April 15th and also make circle this date on your calender

Google has recently reported by means of Google+ that it will be offering Google Glass to all US people beginning at 6AM PST on Tuesday, at the same-old cost of $1500 (plus other taxes). The mainly included profit over original explorers is that the $1500 you pay and get your desired frames and shades without paying extra money for that.

So what’s the get here? Nothing other than there’s just a limited number of pieces are available, and to get this you’ll must be from the United States . Google doesn’t detail how it will handle the deal, yet we can expect it will basically be a first-come-first served method.

Obviously, $1500 is a great deal to pay for an item that is generally doubtful and is basically still in the ‘beta phase’. That said, if you have the money to use and are excited in diving Google’s vision for the wearable future, you will need to head on over to Google’s site on April 15th. For those won’t remember on their own, there is additionally a sign-up page that says it will send you an update before the event begins.

So it should, anticipating grabbing Google Glass April 15th, as long as stock holds up? On the other hand do you still not exactly sold on the thought of Google Glass — at any rate not until the value descends fundamentally?