Google Fixed the Cheeseburger Emoji with Android 8.1


Google has recently released the final update of its new Android 8.1 OS with Android 8.1 Developer Preview 2. And it has fixed plenty of issues and bugs faced by the testers and developers from around the globe. A few weeks ago, many users have found that the Cheeseburger Emoji in looks awful in the update which has just fixed in the new Android 8.1 Developer Preview 2 update. 

Google is good at solving all the bugs and issues faced by the users in the official forum page. The giant is taking care of all the users and tries to fix every single issue and bugs in the latest update. The new Android 8.1 Developer Preview 2 has fixed a variety of issues and unleashed a bunch of new functionality to the device.

In an older version, i.e. in Android 8.0 Oreo, the Cheeseburger icon is awful where the cheese was placed on the bottom of the bun below the patty which is not the way of serving it. A twitter user had shared about this and Google has updated the emoji with a new Hamburger Emoji.

Emojipedia’s users have found that the Cheese is now at the right place in the new Android 8.1 Developer Preview. You too can find out the differences between the two Emojis of the older OS and the latest OS. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai is quickly responding to the users’ demand which is the reason why everyone loves him. Google’s CEO replied he would “drop everything” to address this issue.

If we see the official Tweet by Thomas Baikal, he has clearly noticed this difference in the Android OS. He has even shared a pic of the Emoji in Apple and Android devices. The original Tweet has over 25,000 Retweets and 51,000 likes which is the reason why Google’s CEO has to come up to reply to this issue. The issue seems to be a minor one but noticed by everyone and appreciated him for the same. You can find out the live tweet from here.

In order to this, the CEO of Google has replied with this Tweet.

Apart from this, Google has changed a few other emojis as well. The new updated emojis in the Google’s Android OS offer a variety of Emojis with new designs which many users have found weird. The most controversial Beet emojis have also been fixed. You can figure out all the updated Emojis in the latest Android 8.1 Developer Preview 2.

Developers and Testers are currently testing this new Android 8.1 Developer Preview 2 update on their respective devices. They have found that the new update is not a major one, it focuses on minor issues and small things and here to solve all the minor issues and bugs on the device. The latest Android 8.1 update is soon receive its own stable update as this was the final update from the giant of this OS. The new update will be the stable one for all the Pixel and Nexus devices.

Apart from fixing such minor issues, the older Android 8.1 Developer Preview has reduced inactive apps size to release more storage space to your device. You can even restore backed up data on your phone after initial device setup. So you can easily select the option after resetting your device to restore the data back on your device.

So folks, the new official update from Google to its Android platform is Android 8.1 which will be released for the Pixel and Nexus devices in the early 2018. The giant didn’t reveal anything about the update yet, however they will try to gather the bugs and issues in the new Android 8.1. Developer Preview 2 update and after confirming all the issues, they will release the final stable update. Stay tuned with us for more useful updates!