Google’s smart storage app Files Go is accidentally leaked Online


Google is reportedly working on its new Smart Storage app named with Files Go. Today, Google’s secret Smart Storage app Files Go leaked online and we have some information regarding this next adventure from the giant, Google. The giant has recently added new search feature to compare between two devices. The giant has also launched fast and secure payment app, Tez in India making digital transactions easier than ever. 

The all new Files Go app is there to save your phone’s storage memory with a smart way. As we all know that, nowadays many apps and games are coming to store some space in your mobile and the users are ending up with low storage on their phones. The new Files Go app from Google is now listed on the Play Store as unreleased app.

Just to test out the app and receive feedbacks from the users, the Files Go app is currently available as an early access program, however the program is now full and you will no longer be able to test out this app for your Android device. The app is currently available only for limited users of Android devices and yet not announced as a stable version for public.

The Screenshots of this app reveal the actual user interface of this app making it more easier for the users to manage all the files and storage capacity of the Android device. While launching the app, the home screen of the app will show you the actual remaining storage space of the device. You could see detailed information of the files which are stored on your device.

Apart from this, the home page also includes a variety of different options such as deleting apps cache memory, removing apps which are not used and many other. You can select the right option and can clear the cache or remove those unwanted apps from the device as per your basic needs.

In the Files section of this app, you will see the variety of documents with different sections such as Received, Images, Videos, Audio. You can select the section and see the related files from here. Apart from this, at the bottom, you would see two more options, Receive and Send. To receive file just select Receive button and you will be able to receive files. You can select Send button to send files from your device to the other device.

You can quickly view all the files from the page. You will also be able to filter them out and can sort them as per your requirements. To nearby friends, you will be able to send and receive big files in just a few moments. The app doesn’t require support from any other apps. It works without apps and makes you able to send large files quickly.

People who have used this app or installed it on their respective Android devices have come up with some issues related the UI of it. Some of them don’t able to pull out the app to refresh the data. Some users have posted the interruptions in between the app. So basically, you will not be able to use this app to its optimum level with its unreleased version. Google seems to be working on this app right now and that’s the only reason why it doesn’t have its own stable version yet.

The app is not yet official on the Play Store. It’s just a sneak peek of the app and there is no any stable version of the app available in the market. You have to wait for some more days or may be weeks to see this app live in the market. You can download this app as its APK file from here.