Google Clips smart camera is now available for $249 in the US


Google Clips Smart Camera now officially available for purchase in the United States. The Google Clips is now available for $249. Google has announced their Google Clips Smart Camera back in the October month last year at an event where the giant has launched the Pixel 2 phones. 

If you are not aware about the Google Clips Smart Camera, it is the most advanced and compact smart cameras available for everyone. The new Google Clips is AI-Powered camera which works with Artificial Intelligence. The compact Clips can be placed anywhere you want. It can easily connect, hook, stick, prop or mount as per your use.

You can locate the best shooting place to record an event or something through this camera. Since the camera is powered by Artificial Intelligence, the camera itself recognises the best moment and can capture the best happenings automatically. It’s a great product which gets you the best moments automatically.

Artificial Intelligence is a great technology and this Google Clips camera will use this technology very well in the camera. It can recognise the facial expressions of people and pets and can capture the best of moments through it. It gives you the special shots every time at different occasions and for that reason, it’s a must have product if you really are into photography.

The Google Clips camera will also show you the video footage or a series of photographs captured by it. You can easily view them and can select the ones which you want to keep. This is something like your own photographer whom you can ask for the best video footage and best moments captured by him. This is your virtual camera assistant.

Fortunately, the new Google Clips camera is now available for purchase officially. The Camera is now listed on official Google Store‘s website and is available for $249 only. Fortunately, the Google Clips camera is also available for purchase through various online retailers in the United States. The Clips is now available on Best Buy, B&H Photo, and Verizon stores.

Additionally, you can get an Incipio Mount case in Seafoam, Gray, or Coral color options to change the entire look of the camera. For that, you have to pay additional $15 during the purchase. This is a great deal which will get you three different types of mount case which you can change everyday just by paying $15 bucks more.

This is the first step by Google into the digital photography platform. We will have to see how this new Google Clips smart camera will perform in real life and how it will impress to the masses around. Of course, people have been eagerly waiting for this new generation smart camera, the Google Clips which is now officially available in the market.

Being a smart camera, the Google Clips will also integrates with Google Photos which will show you the captured photos and save them on the Photos app using the WiFi connection. It’s a great way to keep all the photos and videos saved on the platform. More people will come up with their reviews of this new generation smart camera, the Google Clips in the coming days.