Google Chrome adds Export Passwords options on Desktop


Google is currently working on a new function on their popular Google Chrome web browser. According to this new function, users will be able to export the saved passwords for third party managers. The Chrome has its own Password Manager which syncs all of your accounts to various devices with the same email ID. Now, the giant is testing out a new feature to export your saved passwords. 

Well, there’s nothing new about adding this feature on the Chrome browser as the same feature is available since a long ago with a different way. However, by adding this new functionality, users will be able to get a copy of their saved passwords easily without tricking anything out. It would be an easier process to carry a document of all of your accounts’ passwords.

The file which you would export through this function on a Chrome browser, would be in simpler text format which can be easily red by you. So you can simply make use of this document to any of your third party devices without the need of Google’s signing process. The same feature is current on Chrome Dev and should be released for public very soon.

Being world’s most popular desktop and smartphone web browser, Google Chrome lets you save all the passwords of your different accounts so you can autofill your details whenever you want to sign-in to that particular platform. It lets you quickly sign in to your account without the need of remembering the password and other login details. The browser has its own inbuilt password manager which manages your accounts and their passwords in a well manner.

Although, there are people who want to keep a separate password manager where they can security keep their accounts and passwords’ information. Well, the giant is now testing the same feature which would allow you to keep a copy of your passwords and can save them to your third party applications hassle free.

Exporting Passwords is a great and very useful way when you are looking for changing the browser or the entire system for a fresh change. If you have the passwords and login information of your accounts, then you would not have to worry about remembering them in future.

If you want to test out this feature, it is now live for Chrome Dev Channel for the Desktop users. In order to make use of this new function, all you have to do is just go to the Settings and select Manage passwords option. You would see a new overflow menu near saved password option. Tap on to this menu and you would be able to see an option called Export passwords. Just select this option and start exporting the passwords of your saved accounts right away.

The feature is currently being tested by the developers and there is no any timeline declared by the giant for the public usage of the same. The same will soon be made available for the public in the coming weeks and for that, we have to wait for some more days. The giant will soon update their official blog with more information regarding the same.

If you are using Chrome 65 or newer version of Google Chrome web browser on your desktop, you can still make use of this feature by simply enabling a flag. Following flag would help you export the passwords on a Chrome browser.


This is how you can export the passwords in your Chrome browser. The giant will soon made this feature available for all the desktop and smartphone users of the Chrome browser. We would let you update with more information in the future.