Google Chrome 66 mutes auto-playing videos by default


Google has officially rolled out the new much awaited version of Google Chrome web browser with Google Chrome 66. The new Google Chrome 66 lets users mute auto-playing videos by default. This means, with this new updated Google Browser, you won’t be able to hear voice of the auto-play videos and advertisements. The mute feature sets by default and you would no longer hear such ads.

The new Google Browser 66 is officially rolled out for Windows, Mac and Linux PC Operating Systems. Like you know, many websites have started showing you video advertisements which starts automatically without your permission. The updated Google Chrome will now mute down such auto-playing videos from such websites which you explore through this updated Google Chrome browser.

This is in fact the most annoying feature one could ever come acrross while exploring a new website through the browser. Most of the people have been looking for a way to mute down the annoying auto-playing videos and the new version of Google Chrome is now rolled out and available for download.

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular web browser application with over 1 Billion active users. It’s just not a web browser app but a whole new platform to explore. The autoplaying content with audio is now blocked by default for the 1 Billion users of the browser app. It’s been a while since we have heard about this updated Google Chrome browser, which is finally available for public.

Nowadays, advertisers have started focusing on video contents more rather than sticking to the banner ads and other advertisements. For the very same reason, many websites have started showing the videos which starts automatically that too on their official home page. In addition, such videos start playing with full audio without the user’s permission which makes them annoy completely. The new Chrome will mute down all the videos from such websites.

Of course, the update is quite useful for everyone. However, it is not fully functional update. The video stops audio of many auto-playing ads from websites. However, it doesn’t stop the audio from YouTube. Google has to come up with a new way to stop all the auto-playing videos from all the websites.

Apart from this mute feature on auto-play videos, the giant has improved the overall functionality of this web browser. The browser is now more secure than the previous edition. Additionally, the new Google Chrome brings a variety of features especially for the developers who can easily test out things and can develop related contents.

For more information about this new Google Chrome 66 update and its official Changelog, you can go ahead and follow the official release by Google.