Google Calendar for Web gets Material redesign


Google is making significant changes to its various services which are essential for the regular users. The giant has pushed a new update for Chromecast users to control the device using Google Assistant right from the smartphone. And now, Google Calendar for web gets a new material design with more fluent user interface. 

One of the greatest changes you will notice in this updated Google Calendar for web is that you will get the same user interface like smartphone through this web version of Google Calendar which is welcomed by everyone. Since more people are using Google’s Calendar app from the smartphones, people were expecting the same user interface from the web version and the giant has pushed the same update with a recent announcement.

The new Calendar for web gets a new material redesign to offer more familiar environment to everyone right from the PC. If we talk about the original Calendar app which was released in the year 2011, has got the same design since years and now it gets a complete fresh design for the new generation.

In the updated web version of Google Calendar app, you will notice a modern color palette and a responsive layout. This feature auto adjusts to your PC’s screen and will get you the best User Interface. There are more bigger date headers with unique hyperlinking within the invites for the events. So you can manage the upcoming events and more right from the Calendar app just like your Smartphone.

Additionally, Google has explained that, when you book a conference room, the Calendar will be able to show you the details of that particular conference room including the area, location and capacity. With bright header, it shows the contact details besides each attendee of a particular event so you can easily get the contact details to call to that person quickly. The new update makes the entire User Interface of the web version more user friendly so you can access important details and information without wasting your time.

Apart from this, the new Google Calendar has day view mode with which you can add multiple calendars side by side. Each calendar has its own column. You can easily setup meetings and group conferences as per your requirements. You can visually see the details and can schedule the meetings.

Additionally, there are more rows and columns you will see with different sections of months and days view within the app. You can easily manage and view the events and other details right from the Calendar app with more accurate details so you don’t need to click out here and there as the app will work fine just like a smartphone on your PC.

Fortunately, the new Google Calendar update is officially released and you will be able to start using it right now. In order to use the updated Google Calendar app right from your PC, all you need to do is launch the older Google Calendar in your system and from the upper right corner, you just need to hit the User New Calendar button. There is a dedicated button available with which you can use this new Google Calendar app.