Google Back Up and Sync App for Google Photos & Drive – The Ultimate Guide


A couple of months ago, Google had made an announcement that they will launch a tool to help users to take backup of their computer’s files instantly to the Google Drive. As promised, the giant has launched its much awaited Google Back up and Sync App or we can say tool which is available for Mac OS as well. If you haven’t heard about this app yet, here’s the ultimate guide which you can follow to know every single detail of this innovative tool to keep all of your computer’s files and photos backed up. 

We all use Google Drive to backup most of our important data so we can access them from anywhere we go. Google is now aiming to update their existing services with the latest updates. Recently, the giant has updated its Google app for Android and then the Google Play Services as well. So, it is better for us users to keep ourselves updated with the essential apps provided by Google for absolutely free of cost.

Google has released its Google Back up and Syncs App for both, Windows and Mac PC platforms. This app will replace the original Google Drive and Google Photos app so users will be able to take back up from one single app. This app will automatically take backup of your entire computer or just selected folders. You can change the way of backing up your items by modifying the app and its functionality. You can customize things accordingly within the Settings menu of the app.

In order to make use of this app, you can either head over to the Google Drive page or Google Photos page to download this app. The app has been combined and you will get the same app from both the sites.

Download Google Back up and Sync App from Google Drive

Download Google Back up and Sync App from Google Photos 

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Once the app is downloaded to your respective PC system, it is the time to install this app to your system. Make sure to follow the same basic instructions to install this app or we can sat software tool to your system. Soon, Google Back up and Sync App will be installed to your system.

After completing the installation process, you have to launch this app from your PC. Double click on the icon and launch the app on a PC. You will be asked to sign in to your existing Google account which you have been using to take back up on Google Drive and Google Photos. Just enter a proper Gmail ID and Password and sign into the app from your desktop/ PC.

Next step is setting up the backup files of your computer. Here you will be provided with options to setup regular back up from your computer. You will see different options to backup files and folders regularly from your PC on which you are using this app. The other option is for Google Drive, you can choose from two different options here. High Quality or Regular Quality Original Quality of your photos and videos. If you select the High Quality, the app will store your photos and videos with full pixels. Make sure that Google Drive is offering free storage of 15GB only. If you want some more storage, you can go with the various plans which are available to purchase.

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Here, you would see one more options with Upload photos and videos to Google Photos. By checking this box, all of your computers photos will be uploaded to the Google Photos and you can access those photos from the Google Photos app on any device.

At the end, just hit the Ok button and the app will start its work. Uploading process will take place and all your computer items that you have selected will be uploaded to your Google Drive.

This Google Back up and Sync app will work both the ways. It just not uploads your Computer’s photos to Drive but it will also make things accessible which are already there in the Drive. You can download them to your PC to make use of those files offline without the Internet connection. So, it is a great two way back up app designed for Windows and Mac systems.

Of course, you will be able to choose and select specific items or folders or entire system as you can see all the options available on the main page of this app. You don’t need to be worry about anything as you will be provided with all the options step by step on the front page of the app.

Now, comes to deleting the files from your Computer. Whenever you find some files to be removed from your computer, you can do so easily. However, before deleting any files from your system, this app will ask you to remove this file only from the PC or from the drive as well. You can select an appropriate option before making your last move so you can keep your files stored even if you have deleted them from the PC.

If you access the original Google Drive on your PC, you will see your backed up computer in the left side bar. There will be a Computers option at the left panel where you can select your Computer and you will see all the backed up files from your PC to Drive in this section. Google keeps an eye on every move you make to your system and the files stored on the drive. Whenever you change something on your PC, you will instantly see the results on the live Google Drive. So, it’s really an effective tool designed for the real PC users.

With this app, you will not have to use two separate apps on your system to take back up, this app will do its work at the same place. This will not take much of your time, just set it up things as per your needs and you will get the results as you wish. It’s really a great tool and you should start using it like right away on a respective PC system!