Google Assistant now available for more LG Speakers and Appliances


At the event that happened in Berlin at Internationale Funkausstellung; Google has announced that the digital assistant will now be available for many new home appliances and smart speakers. Google, in order to be aggressively competitive with the Alexa and Cortana, has decided to combine with a third party integration. The company revealed that a lot of new speakers will get the digital assistant.

These devices can deliver the functionality and features of the Google Home exactly as it gets available in countries like the Canada, the US, the Australia, the France and the Germany. On a smaller scale, this is very similar to the Android strategy used by the Google with the third party companies. More than the assistant, it’s the integration with a wide range of appliances that make everything interesting. The South Korean Google Manufacturer has stated LG as the first official partner of this integration.

[W]ith manufacturers like LG, you’ll be able control your appliances, including washers, dryers, vacuums and more from your Assistant on your smart speaker, Android phone or iPhone (any device with the Google Assistant built in!). Need to clean up? It’s as easy as “Ok Google, start vacuuming.” Want to know if your favorite jeans are clean?? “Ok Google, are my clothes clean?” or “is the laundry done?” Getting help around the house will be easier than ever.