Google Assistant adds Better Media Playback with more actions


Google’s own voice assistant, Google Assistant is now updated with a new version which adds up a bunch of actions and more improvements to its user interface for the users of the assistant. The company is constantly updating their Assistant by adding more improvements and options since it was launched. Today’s update brings better media playback and other functions for the users. 

According this new update, Actions are there for the developers who are developing other third party apps. The new Actions will make the developers enable to make the most of this Google Assistant to add up the Google Assistant integration to their apps. The developers will be able to add conversation based actions to the assistant. So apparently, the end users will get even more features from the Assistant in the coming days.

Apart from this, the Google Assistant update now brings Better Media Playback options for the consumers. Yes, the consumers now be able to explore mode media from their Android smartphones and smart speakers by giving a proper command to the Google Assistant. There will be more items available to explore through this new Media Playback option on your device with new TV Show clips, new meditation songs and much more.

The Media Player will be appeared on your phone and you can use voice commands to take full control over the media which you explore through your smart speakers and smartphones. You can pause, skip or do whatever you want to do using an appropriate command to the Google Assistant.

With the use of Actions, users will be able to subscribe for notifications on various channels. So you can simply subscribe for the channels using the Voice Command. You will also be notified with new updates on share market through the assistant. In the near future, more websites will be using the Google Assistant integration and it will work with the Assistant and its commands.

So apparently, most of the new features of Actions developers are available on the Google Assistant’s update starting from today. So if you are from Developers side, you will be happy to get started with this new updated Google Assistant app. The end users will likely to come across to all the newly introduced features when the updates roll out for them in the coming days.

If we talk more about the commands, users will be able to ask the Assistant for more actions using the same Ok Google command. You would be able to do a variety of more tasks using the updated Google Assistant in the coming days. The giant is expanding their voice assistant service to more devices and platforms. Basically, they aim towards the home appliances to make your home even more smarter with the equipment of the Google’s Voice assistant.