Google announces JBL Link Bar with Android TV and Google Assistant

By | May 8, 2018

Google is now working for their upcoming Annual Developers Conference i.e. I/O 2018. Ahead of this event, the company has announced their new product named JBL Link Bar. This is a new and highly advanced Smart Speaker which comes with a new design and a set of powerful Google’s own features. 

The new Soudbar i.e. Google JBL Link Bar has built-in Google Voice assistant. It also has Android TV Integration. Both these services are integrated within the new JBL Link Bar by the giant, Google. It’s a new voice controlled Soundbar for your Television which has built-in Android TV integration. So if you are using Android TV then this Soundbar will offer more familiar environment to explore through your Television.

The new JBL Link Bar just work like any other Sound bar, however it packs with an advanced voice assistant i.e. Google Assistant with Android TV Integration which makes it a unique and advanced Soundbar compared to all the other Soundbars available in the market.

The new JBL Link Bar features an Ethernet port, optical line-in port, service port. For connecting other compatible devices, it comes with three HDMI ports. It also features ARC HDMI outputs. There is an additional subwoofer connecting button also available on the device which lets you connect to the subwoofer hassle-free for better output of sound through the Soundbar.

Sadly, it doesn’t carry any remote control so you have to control the entire Soundbar through your Voice by making use of the built-in Google Assistant.

You can do a variety of tasks by making proper use of Google assistant by commanding to it. You can ask the Assistant to switch on the Android TV, play YouTube videos, start music on Pendora, start a TV channel and much more. It doesn’t ask for any physical integration between you and the Television. You can handle the entire Soundbar and the Android TV’s integration using the Google assistant with your own voice.

Interestingly, you can also connect this new JBL Link Bar to other smart home appliances. You can perform different things by commanding to the speaker using your voice. You can ask the speaker to dimming the light, turning on or off the Air Conditioner etc.

The new JBL Link Bar is here which would be replaced the Google Home speakers. However, it would attract a different kind of people with different interests and their demands. So it won’t affect on the selling of Google’s Home Smart Speakers.

The company has just announced this JBL Link Bar and it is expected to start shipping sometime this year. We expect it to see in the market in this fall before the end of this year. The pricing of this new Smart Speaker JBL Link Bar would be announced sometime this year. We hope to hear more about this Link Bar during the I/O 2018’s Keynote.