Google announces Award-Winning Apps & Games of 2018

By | May 8, 2018

Google I/O 2018 is just a few hours away from now and ahead of the opening of Google’s I/O conference, the giant announced the Google Play Awards 2018. 

The award winning apps and games which the giant has recently announced are selected by the teams of Googlers around the world. Last month, the nominated apps and games for this were announced and today, the giant has announced the list of all the Award-Winning Apps and Games for this current year i.e. 2018.

The following list contains the apps and games based on their quality, design and overall technical performance. These are the apps which have received major updates in the last year which are the most downloaded and favourite apps amongst the users of Android smartphones and tablets and other compatible devices.

Standout Well-Being App

Well-Being Apps are those apps which are there to empower the users to live the best of their lives at edges. These are the apps which offer simple UI which can be easily accessible by everyone.

Simple Habit Meditation

Best Accessibility Experience

These apps or games are there for the people with disabilities or any special needs. These apps are quite popular amongst the much needed people and that’s the only reason why there is a category of such apps available on the play store.

Be My Eyes

Best Social Impact

This types of apps and games create a positive impact in the social lives of the users. Different communities use different types of applications on their respective smartphones and to socialise the lives of everyone around, these apps perform really very good.

Khan Academy

Standout Indie

This games are developed by the indie developers which focus mainly on artistic design of the games. They offer the most simplest gameplay with easy to play mechanics. A complete polished versions help the users to explore the best of gaming experience.

Old Man’s Journey

Best Community Building Game

This types of games are there to built great community within the gaming worlds. Such apps encourage people to interaction and build good community overall.


Best AR or VR Experience

Since Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology have been increasing over the past few months, this category has a variety of apps and games which use AR and VR. The list contains the best of AR and VR apps.

BBC Earth: Life in VR

Standout Build for Billions Experience

These apps and games have special performance optimised for the focused people. To improve the localization and culturalizations for merging a variety of markets. You can bring the much needed experience from the apps.


Standout Startup

New Developers on the Android Platform are always experimenting something new to improve their developing side. This category requires developers with a unique experience with good traffic and easy to use user interface.


Best Breakthrough Hit

This category has a variety of apps and games which are new on the Play Store. The app or game requires good design with better user experience and engagement. It has to be good in the community with good number of downloads.

Empires & Puzzles