Google and Intel are Setting up advance labs by offering MOCCs for students


If we talk about the past few years, Technology has changed every industry and now they run with advanced machines and software. The new era is all about robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and more. All these technologies have been implemented in the new generation technology gadgets by the developers and engineers to make our lives simpler.  

If we talk about the past, Software Engineers who have passed their graduations before 3 years, have to start from scratch to learn about artificial intelligence and other technologies’ use in the software.  

Tech-giants such as Google and Intel have come forward to help the graduates in the same sector by offering Online courses. These online courses are designed for fresh graduates and professionals who want to develop their own skills in the current field. These courses will help them to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and many other advanced technologies.  

In collaboration with the Governments and academia, Google and Intel are bringing up the Online Courses for such needful students and professionals. Google and Microsoft have begun testing the Massive Open Online Courses from the year 2017.  

The companies have been setting up their own online virtual labs for the fresher graduates who can test out their software and other technologies in the virtual labs without going to any physical labs. They can do everything sitting in front of the computers and they will feel like exploring the real labs.  

Talking about Google only, the giant is collaborating with many popular e-learning platforms to make this happen for the real people. The company has partnered with Udacity, Coursea to provide online courses with the help of Google’s own Analytics platform, full stack development and many other platforms which are there for emerging numerous technologies.  

On the other hand, Microsoft is also setting up its own three new online e-learning platforms or we can say labs with Microsoft Virtual Academy, Microsoft Image Academy and Microsoft Professional programs. All these platforms are designed for the professionals in computer software developing field or the freshers in the computer engineering field.  

Fortunately, they do offer paid certification courses as well for the fresh graduates, professionals, engineers and other enthusiasts who want to expand their knowledge in various technology and computer fields. They can opt for such paid certification courses, can learn different things by exploring the e-labs. There will be an online exam also available so you can take part in the exams and can achieve the certification by Google and Intel.  

Intel’s AI Developer Education Program provides benefits to those who don’t have enough time to go to the colleges for the same. Students and professionals who want to learn Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Artificial Intelligence can opt for this AI Developer Education Program. Here, you will get to learn about the AI, Machine Learning and many other combined technologies which can be implemented in the software for better functionality.  

Google and Intel are collaborating with many tech-giant and platforms in various countries including India to provide such Online Courses for the students who can grow their knowledge in the respective fields faster than ever before.