Google Allo’s Head leaves Google to join Facebook

By | January 10, 2018

Google has a variety of services to explore the best of digital world on a smartphone. Google’s services like Google Allo and Google Duo are now combined and work as one platform offering Video calling and Chatting functionality. Today, Google’s Head of Product for Real Time Communications, Amit Fulay resigned to join Facebook. 

Amit Fulay has officially confirmed his resignation on a popular microblogging website, Twitter. He has openly confirmed that he has left Google and joins Facebook.

Amit Fulay wrote, “The last 7.5 years have been nothing short of amazing at Google. It was a privilege to help build Allo, Duo & Hangouts. Thanks to my amazing teammates who made the journey something I will cherish forever.”

“Today is my first day at Facebook – accepted their friend request 🙂
Excited about the opportunity to serve so many users.”

You can even find out the live tweets made by him from here.

Amit Fulay has served for 7.5 years which is indeed a long journey. In his journey of 7.5 years, he was managing Google’s services like Google Allo, Google Duo and WebRTC. Amit Fulay is quite active on Twitter where he announces new features and products and testings of their development side. Many users are actively following him on Twitter to stay updated with Google’s useful services.

Amit Fulay is a gem of a person who has been actively receiving feedbacks from the consumers of the products and services offered by Google. Users are also love to ask query and send feedback on Twitter. Amit Fulay has finally revealed his resignation on Twitter as you can also read it out from the above Tweets.

So folks, that’s all we know so far. We don’t know what could be the role of Amir Fulay at Facebook as he has not revealed anything about his service at Facebook. However, Facebook may give him a place where he can serve and work at his best. We would get to hear more from him in the coming days. You should follow him on Twitter if you want to receive updates from him in the future.

Recently, Google has announced that they will expand its Google Assistant service to more devices like Smart Displays. The Google Assistant Powered Smart Display is introduced by Lenovo just now.

What’s your take on this guys? Did you expect this from Amit Fulay? Do share your thoughts on this. Meanwhile, if you have any queries or questions regarding this or have any feedbacks to share, kindly drop us into the comments section given below this post. For more updates, stay tuned with us!