Google Allo for Web – How to set it up and use?


After waiting for many months, The Google Allo is now available for the web in the form of desktop App. The service will now allow you to check all the Allo messages on the computer, just like the way WhatsApp Web is being used. However, the Google Allo is still in the early form to be used on the web and there’s plenty that still has to be developed. If you’re someone who wants your Google Allo conversations on the computer, you can easily set it up.

To Set Google Allo up for the web, it is important to know that it as of now, only works on Google Chrome and with an Android device. The iOS support is not yet given and is expected to be launched soon. However, there’s no official word if the app works with other browsers.

Google Allo 01

Google Allo 02

Assuming that, open your Allo App on the Android Device. Here, go to the left and open the hamburger icon to get the Allo for the web. By doing this, Allo opens a viewfinder on the device, asking you to navigate to the web on your computer. Now, go to that particular URL and then scan the QR code, displayed on the screen using your phone. All of your conversations will now pop up on the screen, be showing a status that you’re signed into it.