Google adds user reviews on Google Assistant apps

By | May 1, 2018

Google has expanded the capabilities of using its Google Assistant by adding a new features called User Reviews. Google Assistant has becoming more advanced as it is gaining regular features which are very useful for daily routines. For Google Assistant apps and integration, Google has pushed out the new User Reviews feature just like Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.¬†

To determine the usefulness of Android apps, people can now see the reviews of those apps and integrations easily. This new feature will help the users to improve the functionality of the app while searching new apps through Google’s own voice assistant.

The new User Reviews feature is available only on the Android platform for now. Users of Android phones can now view and post reviews. The same can’t be seen on other platform such as iOS platform etc. However, in the coming days, users of iOS platform using Google Assistant will be able to view and post their reviews just like Android users.

As per the reports and resources, the reviews are listed¬†chronologically and there’s no way to see which review is helpful. We hope to see better arrangement of the reviews which would be helpful for the new users. This would be like the original Google Reviews apps on the Play Store.

If you want to check out the Reviews section on the Google Assistant, just launch the Google Assistant app on your Android smartphone. Tap on to the blue envelop icon i.e. Explore option. Now, search for a service or an integration and select it out. You will be able to see the current reviews and ratings for the selected service or the integration. The option is now open for testing purpose and the same would be made available for the public users who frequently uses Google Assistant.

Presently, you can do much with the integration and reviews on the Google Assistant. You can only edit or delete your review. You will also be able to report the reviews of other users. There is no any thumbs-up or down button available besides the reviews. To improve the overall interface and the reviews section and listing, Google will come up with more updates regarding the same.

The same reviews feature would be helpful for the developers to see the reviews of their own apps and this way they can simply modified their apps and the way how their apps provide better environment for everyone.

In the near future, Google will introduce even more features to this Assistant platform to let users experience the best of Virtual Assistant experience using their very own, Google Assistant app.