God of War 2018 : Things to know before starting the game

By | April 21, 2018

The much awaited, PlayStation 4 exclusive action packed game, God of War 2018 is officially released. Being a new generation game, it is packed with a bunch of innovative features and new areas to be explored as a part of the gameplay. Just to get you some good information about how you can make the most of this game, here we have listed down a few tips which you need to know before starting the game. 

God of War serves a storyline gameplay which makes you go addicted to it. Millions of gamers around the world have been waiting for this game to try out on their PS4 consoles. If you have already got the game, the following tips and guidelines will help you out to go through the gameplay and its storyline well. The tips which are listed below are essential for all the serious gamers.

The tips or the guidelines can be called the beginner’s tips for all the new gamers who have just started playing this game and they don’t know how to make use of various equipments which are available on the game.

Things to know before starting the game

Upgrade things regularly 

God of War is one of the most difficult edition in the series as it’s made for the serious gamers who want to spend some productive time by playing the game. In order to survive in the game, you need to upgrade a variety of things and your own self.

You have to gain your own experience points by killing down the enemies and by discovering new things within the gameplay. The more you kill the enemies and discovering things, the more experience points you will achieve. You can use the experience points to unlock Kratos and Atreus. You will become more powerful with these Kratos and Atreus. You can also gain some health by exploring and achieving more experience points.

Many things or we can say equipments and other elements are locked down which are actually the essential ones to get through the gameplay. In order to unlock them, you have to have enough money or specific materials with which you can unlock them easily.

We would request you to upgrade as many things as you can. Even a minor upgrade can open up a whole new path to take you to your destination in no time.

Pick up anything from the ground

The gameplay of God of War sets in an open-world environment which lets you explore the ground the way you want. Since money is essential to purchase new things and to upgrade yourself, make sure to collect as much money as you can. Money is lying everywhere on the ground and you have to collect them from the ground while exploring the ground.

Apart from money, you will also be able to discover more achievable items which will help you to upgrade a few things and powers. By riding on a boat, you will discover hidden treasures of gold coins and this way you will achieve more upgrades and more.

So we would recommend you to pick almost everything from the ground which are lying there. Some of the items are there as hidden items and you have to find them out while exploring the ground.

Break everything coming on your way 

By breaking down things coming across you, you would achieve more powerful weapons and equipments. Boxes, vases, shields, and more are there to be destroyed as each of these items will drop down much needed items. Most of them are full of money which is the most essential thing you require to play the game beautifully.

You will also get more health stones by breaking down the above mentioned things at the same time. Make sure there will be no objects left around, just break down everything and gain more money and health stones to survive more in the game.

Save yourself by defending well

God of War 2018 edition brings a whole new gameplay. Unlike the previous editions, this new generation has a new way to achieve things and save yourself. You have to defend yourself throughout the game, otherwise you will be bodied. Make sure to play the game more quickly.

Kratos helps you to defend yourself well. You can even make use of the shield to defend yourself from the attacks which are completely out of your syllabus.

Enemies are always ready to kill you down, for that reason they might even gang up against you. Keep an eye on the color of arrows as they reflect something interesting. You can roll over twice to avoid attacks. This way the attacks won’t be able to reach out to you.

Make proper use of the Gameplay

The God of War 2018 comes with a new gameplay and battlefield. Before exploring the game, you should study the battlefield of this game. Every enemy behaves weirdly and they use different tactics to attack on you. You have to study each of the enemies and their behaviour very well. You have to understand how and when the can attack on you.

In order to go on an attack, make sure to use the right weapon and this way you can make the most of the equipments. Before using any weapons, if you have proper knowledge and information, you will make the most of it.

Enemies do have their own health chart which can be seen on their heads. You have to make proper attacks before attacking on them. This way you will get to know when will the enemy will go die. The health bar’s color indicates different things. If the color is green, it means the bar’s level is just like yours. Yello color indicates strong foe, purple color indicates certain death. You can always go back and run away from the Battlefield if you find it not familiar. This way you can save yourself from unwanted attacks. You can even save your health by running out of the ground.

Explore well after the fight

God of War is not just about fighting, you have to gain money, power and more elements to conquer the real gameplay. After completing the battle, go again and explore the field once again. The game offers a variety of powers and elements such as money, health stones and much more. You got to collect all of them to see more on the scorecard.

As you progress through the game, you will achieve more items and there will be more items to unlock as far as you reach ahead and ahead of the gameplay.

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