Go Wireless with the new Bose SoundSport Free earbuds


Bose has announced a couple of new Headphones in the real music world for all the music freaks out there. The new Bose Headphones with Google Assistant now lets you play music by using your Voice commands. Apart from this, the company has also announced a new Bose SoundSport Free Earbuds with plenty of new features to explore the best of music wirelessly. 

This is the first wireless earbuds launched by Bose in the digital market for the music lovers. The new headphones is called the new SoundSport Free earbuds by Bose. If you exercise a lot in the gym or cycling a lot or jogging a lot, this new wireless earbuds are here just for you. The new Earbuds by Bose is water and dust resistant so you can keep it anywhere with you. The Earbuds will also packed with Antenna which gives you strong connection to keep the device connected even if you keep your phone very far.

The Earbuds by Bose is wireless so you don’t have to tangled between the wires. You can easily take it away and keep it safely. If we talk about the measurements, the new earbuds weigh just 0.35 ounces and measuring 1.1 inches high and 1.2 inches deep. Since people are more into wireless technology, Bose has introduced this new generation Wireless Earbuds in the market which will definitely break down the market shares of AirPods and more wireless Earbuds.

The new Wireless technology in this Earbuds are very powerful as it keeps your Wireless Earbuds connected up to 30 feet away. It gives you 5 hours of music with single charge which is a good thing for the music lovers. The Bose Earbuds comes with Charing Case which is magnetically active keeping the Earbuds and safe and charged. The best thing about this Wireless Case is that you can keep the Earbuds and this case charged at the same time, so you can play music upto 10 hours with single charge.

The new Bose App will also be studded with a bunch of new features which will help you out finding your Earbuds through Find my Earbud option. Bose claims that the new generation Earbuds are more powerful than any other Wireless Earbuds. This new Find My Earbuds will show you the last time and place they were used in case if you have misplaced them. Apart from this, the new Earbuds also support virtual voice assistant. You can activate the Siri like Voice Assistant by pressing on the button which is placed at the right earbuds.

The all new SoundSport Free will available in two different color options with triple black and midnight blue with yellow citron accents at the outerside. If you like the black color, the preorders for the black color variant of the Earbuds will start from Today itself. We could expect the release of this new Earbuds at the end of this current month. The details about the preorders and other details of the other variant is still not specified, however the other color variant will be available at the end of this year in the digital world. SoundSport Free earbuds will cost $249.95 starting from today.