Gmail iOS app warns the Users for Phishing Attempts


Last May, Google has updated the Gmail App on the Android devices with many features and that included warning people about their phishing attempts, as well. Now, it rather started doing the same to the iOS Apps. The protection offered by the Gmail iOS App kicks in whenever you receive a sketchy app and open it. The warning is given in two different levels. For example, if the site from which you have received the email is known for the phishing operation, it will let you know.


And on clicking the link, you will be redirected to the site and this method in which the site that you’re trying to visit will be identified as a forgery, tricking you into giving information, which is financial, sensitive and also personal. If the site is assumed to be sketchy, it is not 100% certain with a different type of warning, being displayed. These links, usually lead to the untrusted sites.

However, for identified phishing sites, there will be a link which reports you to many false positives. Phishing is nothing but an email technique which sends emails that claim that they came from profound companies like Apple, PayPal or any known bank.

This link will take you to a website, that enters the login credentials that are captured to access the account, given by the attacker.