Gmail app converts phone numbers and addresses to links


Google is continuously upgrading various services to bring new features. Recently, the giant has updated its popular Gmail app which has now a new feature which converts the phone numbers and addresses as a link so you can directly access them right from the Gmail app. You don’t have to copy and paste it by now, you can get instant access right from the Gmail app.

With this new update, users will be able to get clickable links on addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and contacts within the gmail app. The new update is available for Web client and smartphone platforms such as iOS and Android to its Gmail and Inbox by Gmail app. If we talk about the Apple, this feature was available a long ago on Apple’s native Mail app which can now be accessible on Android platform as well.

Furthermore, this feature works well and gives you instant access of the desired things. Once you open a new email, whenever you click on to the street address, It will automatically open Google Maps and you can easily compose a new email to their clicked address.

If you click on to the phone number into the inbox app, you will be taken to the call log with that clicked phone number so you can instantly make calls, save number or edit it as per your choice. As per the officials, this new feature will add more functionality to the app which is being used by the most number of smartphones and PC users. In fact, this is the most used Email client service available on the planet earth.

Many tech enthusiasts have one question in common, why did Google has pushed this new update to the app? What’s need of it? Since, Google’s Gmail app is in the market for years and the same feature was available on Mac OS and iOS, why did not they bring it earlier? Honestly, we don’t have anything to say about such questions, all we can say is, the feature has been officially rolled out so we can start using it on the Gmail app.

As we all know, even the Apple users don’t like the interface of their native Mail app. Most of the Apple users also use Google’s Gmail app to send and receive emails. So, this update will bring native functionality to all the Apple users as well which is a good thing for them.

As per the official blog, Google has said that, this update is rolled out and it will take one to three days to come to your mobile phone. So, whenever you see a notification about an update of the Gmail app, head over to the Play Store app and click on to the update button. The Gmail app will be updated and you will be able to get all the above mentioned features to use within the Gmail app.

The giant is currently working on an update for Google Chrome‘s new version which will have an inbuilt Ad-blocker to block down unnecessary video advertisements which play automatically on smartphone or websites. The giant has also released a new Payment App in India named with Google Tez which is soon be available in various Asian countries in the following days. So, Google is constantly working on new updates for its services which are actually helpful for us all.