Gmail 5.0 for Android brings material design and handles all your email accounts in one app


Google has started updating its apps to its recently released material design environment and its results have been impressive. There are some apps that it appears Google’s saving for the final Android L release though – Gmail 5.0 for Android is one among them. Although, we don’t have the apk for download, we are here to share the goody from the new onboarding process, which shows some prettiness coming to the app and its overhaul.

It looks like the new version has got the ability to handle all your email messages with Gmail, not just only your Gmail account. It can handle the email accounts from other providers like Outlook or Yahoo and switching between the accounts either by swiping simply or just by touching the drop down.

Here is the onboarding video of the Gmail 5.0 which will show for the returning the users upgrading it to the newer version. This video shows all the new features and the visual treat in the latest 5.0 version and it features the super clean and compose screen with round avatars, FAB and refreshed iconography.

While we got the ability to send the email to other addresses from Gmail, it is not quite same as managing the different inbox from the different email provider. Google plan of bringing all your email accounts into one Gmail account is awesome, but it can get little messy. With the latest version it looks like Google is okay with the people manager their accounts individually and sure to please those who use more than email address very often.