Get invisible with AVG’s Invisibility Glasses!

By | March 3, 2015


Internet security company AVG is developing a pair of glasses that could fool the facial recognition software or cameras. The Invisibility glasses can make one invisible to the software.

The company designed the glasses to create interference in photographs, interference that kills the effectiveness of image recognition software. The glasses uses infrared and retro-reflective technology to meddle with the facial recognition devices and protect ones identity in this new era of cameras everywhere.

AVG Invisibility glass

Small LEDs on the frames emit infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye but picked up by cameras and create a glow effect around the face. Since many smartphones can block infrared light, the Invisibility Glasses also contain ‘retro-reflective’ material that shines light back at the exact same angle from the source.

AVG points three issues for privacy. One, an increasing use of smartphone cameras means it is more likely “unsolicited images taken of us may end up online,” worries over ‘Big Data projects such as Google’s Street View,” and Facebook’s “DeepFace,” which AVG warns could give private corporations the ability to “not only recognize us, but also cross-reference our faces” against other online data.

On the upside, at least AVG’s glasses are better looking than the glasses developed by the National Institute of Informatics in Japan a couple of years back.

The maker claims this is the first time, a combined technique of infrared with retro-reflective materials in a single wearable has been attempted. This AVG privacy glasses is showcased at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

However, the glasses are just a prototype and is not expected to hit the markets anytime soon. The anti-virus software maker said the glasses is merely a concept at this point as tech experts are investigating how technology can adapt to combat the daily invasion of people’s privacy.