Germany will have Self-Driving Vehicles to its railroad network


The future of transportation looks quite interesting as Germany is going to make their Trains with Self-Driving Vehicles. Yes, you heard that right. As per the new reports, Germany Railroads are going to have self-driving cars without the drivers. Deutsche Bahn, the German government-owned rail system is planning to have the new concept self-driving vehicles for the future of transportation. 

As you know that, many companies are currently developing and testing their own self-driving vehicles on the streets, it will soon happen on the railroad as well. They are planning to come up with these autonomous vehicles for door-to-door transit.

The new generation self-driving vehicles on railroads would feature Television sets and gaming consoles as well. Yes, the gamers are going to have a lot of fun while riding on this autonomous vehicles. Apart from this, the CEO of the company is also planning to setup gym equipments and a private area for Kids to play various games while riding.

The new cars or we can say vehicles will be fully digital and will work on the latest technology equipment for the best of transportation experience with premium services just like an aeroplane. Trains are good alternatives and the super fastest way to reach out to your destination with less money. This is the reason why people do like to ride on the public transportation vehicles. They are running between certain destinations on time which is good for everyone.

By adding self-driving vehicles on the railroads, people can have a convenient rides with less money.

As Deutsche Bahn’s CEO Reedier Grube, “If in the future autonomous cars can do this, then the operators of these cars can claim the same about their services. That’s why we will have to add autonomously driving cars to our offering.”

The railway operators are in talks to test out the self-driving cars in the railroads with the department so that they can test out the new self-driving cars on the main railroads.

This would be the first move which would be integrated with transit network that too national wide. The partnership between the department and other networks are still in talks and we don’t know anything about the actual fundas of having the real self-driving cars on the railroads.

Since Germany is producing more cars comparing to other nations, we can hope that they will bring the Autonomous cars instead of big trains as well. So we might be able to see different types of vehicles on the railroads and not just autonomous trains. Deutsche Bahn is currently showing off the models of the self-driving vehicles and they have already decided to bring the project on-board.

The new self-driving transit in Germany will be powered by green energy for faster journey. If we talk about other countries, Japan is running high-speed bullet trains with different concept, India too has recently started and tested out the new Solar powered trains which runs through solar energy. So overall, the transit system in the global market is completing changing and this is how we can develop the future of transportation.

Sadly, we don’t know anything more about the actual matter and the final decisions of this project. The officials are in talks with different departments to test out the original project and then they will bring the project into reality.