Gboard Go APK available for Android 8.1 devices with low RAM


The tech giant, Google has launched its own Go program with apps for the low RAM smartphones. The Go apps consume less energy and runs on low Internet connection smoothly on a smartphone. Today, the giant has released the Gboard Go application for the Android 8.1 Operating System based devices with low RAM. Fortunately, Gboard Go APK is here with us so you can test it out on your smartphone. 

Google’s Go applications are designed for the low powered Android devices. These apps will give you the same user interface and works as smoothly as the original apps on your device. The company has already introduced, YouTube Go and Maps Go in the past and today, they introduced the all new Gboard Go app which is basically company’s native Keyboard app to work on your smartphone.

Well, the recently released app, Gboard Go seems to be not available officially on the Play Store, however you can download its APK file which could be explored through low RAM devices and the devices which run on Android 8.1 Operating System.

Gboard Go app carries kind of the same user interface of the original Gboard Go app. The Keyboard app installs on top of the standard Keyboard and will set as your phone’s default Keyboard app once you install. You will be asked to change the default Keyboard app once the app installed properly on your device. It works like the full Gboard app.

The new Gboard Go app offers kind of all the features and functions of the full Gboard app such as different themes, gestures, integrated search and much more. Since the app is designed for the low RAM devices, it doesn’t allow you to search for the GIFs and other stickers through the Keyboard like the full Gboard application.

Apart from this, many users of full Gboard app will miss the one-hand mode on this Go edition of the Gboard app. Since the app is designed for the low RAM devices, this function will not work properly on such devices and for that reason, this one-hand feature is missed here in the Go edition of Gboard Go app.

According to sources, the original full Gboard application uses around 70MB of RAM of your Android device, while this new Gboard Go app uses less than 40 MB of RAM.

The leakster has also uploaded the APK file of this Gboard Go application at APKMirror so you can test out the Gboard Go app on your own smartphone if you are facing some issues due to low RAM on your device while typing. On the Play Store, the app will appear only for the low RAM devices and for the Android 8.1 powered Android smartphones. For other users, download Gboard Go APK and test it out for yourself on your device.

Recently, Google has updated their own Gboard app which includes the much awaited, GIFs button on the native Keyboard app. According to reports, the new update has a dedicated GIF button on the Keyboard besides the key suggestion. The feature allows you to create your own GIFs using your phone’s front and rear camera. It has two different modes with which you can create your own GIFs. You can even save and share your GIFs to friends. The GIFs will support other Keyboard applications as well.

Earlier, the Gboard app got Stickers and Bitmoji support with the latest trends in the market for the new smartphones. So basically, the giant takes enough care for all the services which millions of users are using on their Android based smartphones.

If you are eager to use this app on your Android device, just go ahead and download the APK file of Gboard Go application from the link mentioned below.

Download Gboard Go APK – Latest version

Click the above link once and you will be able to download the Gboard Go APK file for your device. Once the APK file is downloaded, you can go ahead and install it manually to your device by following basic instructions.

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