Galaxy S9 phones have 30% less pre-orders compared to Galaxy S8 on first day


Samsung’s recently announced high-end smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S9 phones have started receiving the pre-orders in various markets around the world. In the United States, the phones will be shipped from March 16. After revealing the first day’s data, the Galaxy S9 phones received 30% less pre-orders compared to the predecessors, Galaxy S8. 

This is shocking indeed, as the new Galaxy S9 phones were the most anticipated Samsung’s smartphones till date. After receiving plenty of leaks and rumors and listing, the company has unveiled the devices in Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain last month. The phones are available for pre-order through various networks in the United States and you can pre-order the devices now.

According to a South Korean publication reports, Samsung Galaxy S9 got 70% pre-orders compared to the predecessor devices i.e. Galaxy S8 phones. Galaxy S8 phones were indeed the best smartphones and the phones are still high on demand in various countries around the globe. The devices have set new benchmarks in various markets which make them the best ones of their age.

Sources also suggest that the only 180,000 Galaxy S9 units were distributed to the users who have pre-orders the devices. This report was came from three main network providers of the home country i.e. South Korea. If we compare this units with the predecessors, Samsung Galaxy S8 was distributed to over 260,000 users on its first-day. The data itself shows 30% down orders of the new Galaxy S9 phones.

Samsung has quickly launched their new Galaxy S9 phones after the Galaxy S8 phones. For the very same reason, they don’t offer much innovative features on the devices compare to the predecessors. In fact the devices acquired the same design of their predecessors and there is no any major change in terms of its hardware specifications as well other than the replacement of the Fingerprint Scanner underneath the camera on both the devices.

People are always looking for new and innovative features on the new smartphones and if a company doesn’t offer anything new, they will not go for it, pretty simple! Not only Samsung, but many tech giants have showcased their future phones during the Mobile World Congress 2018. Most of the companies are now aiming towards the high-end market as people are getting ready for the premium smartphones to test out the innovations in technology.

Samsung has just improved the Camera functionality on the new Galaxy S9 phones. If you want to know how the cameras of these phones work, you can find out more about them by exploring the ad videos released by Samsung officially.

Samsung has not revealed any official date regarding the number of pre-ordered units as of now. However, the data which was revealed earlier were from industry’s best analysers. We hope to have some more official confirmation on this from Samsung itself. The company will soon release the data about same in the coming days.