Galaxy Note 9 will not have in-display Fingerprint Scanner, KGI reports


The South Korean giant, Samsung has just announced their new flagship phones, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones in the technology market. The devices will start hitting the market from March 16. Now, the giant aims at their new Note device. Yes, the successor of the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone is now gearing up for the launch in the real tech market. Today, KGI reported that the upcoming Note 9 will not have an in-display Fingerprint Scanner.

A few days back, Samsung’s unannounced Galaxy S9 smartphone was benchmarked with a list of its alleged specifications. The benchmark listing of the device shows off a variety of new specifications and features of the device. Today, we have some more insights of the devices and that is regarding the Fingerprint Scanner.

Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI has confirmed that the new Note 9 will not acquire the latest, in-display Fingerprint Scanner on-board. The South Korean giant has apparently cancelled on pushing out the in-display Fingerprint Scanner feature on the devices. The available sensors on the devices are not able to suit the functionality of this in-display Fingerprint Scanner so yes, you would not be able to see the much rumored, Fingerprint Scanner underneath the display on the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

In order to place the Fingerprint Scanner under the display, one has to fullfill all the technical requirements first and then they can place it under the display of the smartphone. Since the design and other things of the Note 9 smartphone already done, the company seem not to change it just to add the Fingerprint Scanner under the display on the device. It will break down the launch period and to redesign the phone from the scratch will require more men power and technicians at the same time.

Of course, the in-display Fingerprint Scanner is the most innovative feature available on the smartphone. Samsung is known for such innovations with their new smartphones. However, we would not be able to get the same in-display Fingerprint Scanner feature on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone due to hardware and technical requirements.

The modules to place the Fingerprint Scanner under the display are much more expensive and no other giant wants their cellphones to cost higher just for adding one feature. The sensors which uses this technology are 4 to 5 times expensive than the other traditional sensors.

According to analysers, almost all the Android smartphone makers would love to improve their Face Scanning feature instead of adding the in-display Fingerprint Scanner which unnecessarily increases the pricing of the product. In fact, Samsung is also aiming towards improving their Iris Scanner and they will implement the Face Scanning feature with the use of the advanced Iris Scanner on their future devices.

With respect to this, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone will come with a Physical Fingerprint Scanner on-board and not the in-display Fingerprint Scanner. However, there is no any confirmation from the officials about this report. So we can take this information with a pinch of salt for now. The giant will soon confirm this news and will come up with more information about their future phones in the coming days.