Galaxy Note 8 pre-orders almost hit 400,000 on the first day in South Korea

By | September 9, 2017

South Korean giant, Samsung has recently started pre-orders for its newly launched high end Android smartphone named with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 right from their home country, South Korea. Recently, a shocking report came in regarding the number of registration for this smartphone. Samsung has received over 400,000 registrations for the new Galaxy Note 8 smartphone on the very first day of its registrations in South Korea. 

If we go back and talk about the previous data, Samsung had received over 380,000 registrations for its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone that too in 13 days of its registrations.

As you know, Samsung’s this new Galaxy Note 8 smartphone is world’s most expensive smartphone that Samsung has recently introduced. People are more exciting about the launch of this smartphone in the real technology world. Since Samsung has started receiving pre-orders, people have registered for themselves for this new Galaxy Note 8 smartphone so that they can get the phone as soon as possible.

Since the phone has different variants with different storage options. The price tag for all the variants are different. If we talk about the original pricing of this phone in home country, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphone is priced at 1,090,000 won for the 64GB variant and 1,250,000 won for the 256GB version.

If we talk about the original number of registrations of this phone in two days, the phone has received over 530,000 registrations in two days from which 400,000 on the very first day. From this data, over 65% registrations have been done for 64GB of variants. As per the popular The Korea Herald website, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 has received the most number of registrations for its Deepblue Color variant.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going live in the market from September 15th and as per the recent reports, the company may receive over 1 Million units registrations till September 14th. This is really a big number in terms of everything and by far this is the most number of registrations received by any company for a smartphone.

The phone will go official in the market for all the consumers from September 21st, however people who have registered themselves for this phone to Samsung, will start receiving this phone from September 15th. The registration will be closed from September 14th.

Samsung is also planning to come up with a 4GB variant which was recently spotted on a Chinese benchmarking website. The company is planning to launch this 4GB variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 exclusively for Chinese consumers. There is no any information whether this phone will be available in other nations of the world.

The Note 8 sports a 6.3 Inch display. The phone would feature App Fair app for multitasking easily. A new powerful and more sharper S-Pen will be included in the mobile phone itself with more power. The Note 8 would be Samsung’s first smartphone to feature a dual rear camera. The phone has also included the Fingerprint Scanner to provide more security to the users including Iris Scanner and other useful sensors.

Talking about the recent high end smartphone, Samsung’s Galaxy S8 had received over 550,000 registrations for this device. Additionally, Samsung’s Note 8 smartphone would be compatible with Google’s DayDream VR out of the box. The company is also working on a new Gear VR to support the big screen of Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. Neflix has also started supporting HDR Contents on Galaxy Note 8 so you can experience the rich entertainment through Note 8 within your hands.

What’s your take on this guys? Are you going to purchase this new Note 8 smartphone from Samsung? Or would you like to go with an upcoming iPhone 8? Do share your wishes into the comments section given below this post and share your thoughts there. For more updates, stay tuned with us.

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