Fortnite New Map Details for Season 11 Leaked

By | October 11, 2019

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the most popular and top-rated games in the history of mobile gaming. The game is getting regular updates with new seasons. The Fortnite Season 10 is finally coming to an end and all the fanboys are eagerly waiting for the new season i.e. Season 11 of the Fortnite game. Today, Fortnite Season 11’s Map got leaked accidentally. 

The Italian App Store has officially leaked an image of the Fortnite’s upcoming edition which is called Fortnite: Chapter 2. The leaked image shows off an a brand new Map of the new season.

If you closely look at the leaked image, you could see the Fortnite’s Characters aiming towards the map. They are actually surveying it as they have to explore the entire map. We could also see a new terrain and area including the boats surfing around the water.

Well, the official images or the listing of this Chapter 2 of Fortnite game was removed by the publisher as it was published accidentally. However, the fanboys have captured a screenshot and it already started floating around the technology market. It is currently published in all the major gaming blogs.

If this is to be true, then there will be no surprise for the game since we all know about the new map. The current season i.e. Season 10 is ending soon as we could see the Fortnite’s Character waving goodbyes to the buses and other vehicles. The major event which they are planning for this Sunday would be called The End i.e. the ending of the Season 10 of the Fornite Game.

Since the Season 10 is ending, this might be the right time for the publisher to come up with the new map for the new game. And surprisingly, we have caught up the game’s new map in the accidental leak.

Apparently, Epic Games declined commenting on this leak about the Chapter of the Fortnite game as of now. The same image and a short video of the leak were posted by many users on various social networking and microblogging websites. You could see dozens of leaks of this new Fortnite Chapter on Reddit, Twitter and many other Forum sites.

If we believe in the leak, then the new Season would be a lot different from what we have played in the past. The image itself looks pretty exciting as we have never imagined such a Map in the game ever.

Since there is no official word on this leak or the real name of this game, people have started calling it as a Season 11 of the Fortnite Game. But the leak suggests a new name i.e. Fortnite: Chapter 2. This ultimately suggesting that the publisher might bring a new story within this season for the players to explore as a part of the gameplay.

Season 10 is already closing and we all are pretty much aware about it. This is the right time for the publishers to bring a new Chapter of the game with a brand new Map. If we gather all the leaks and previous stories of the new Season, then we can easily figure out that the new season would be the new game of Fortnite.

To be precise, the current season i.e. season 10 is set to end on Sunday, Oct. 13. We hope to see the next season of the game on Monday, Oct. 14th. We would update you with official information about the new Season’s availability and its release date.