Fortnite Battle Royale is getting Secret Vending Machines

By | April 3, 2018

Fortnite Battle Royale game is officially released for the iOS platform. The game left beta and is now available publicly for the iOS devices. Interestingly, the game’s updates section shows off that you in the next days, the users of this game will get secret vending machines. Yes, the Battle Royale is getting Vending Machines. 

The new updates section on the Fortnite Battle Royale game has listed the Vending Machines with Coming Soon tag. The same Vending Machines had been discovered by a few players after the first patch of the game which was available on various locations. Well, they are making the Vending Machines available to everyone with the coming updates.

The new Vending Machines update has been confirmed by the Epic Games and we have got all the required information about the game and how this Vending Machines feature will work out for the gamers within the game.

The new Vending Machines in the Fortnite Battle Royale game will allow the users to trade out the spare materials. This will get you extra gear in the game. The exact thing on how you will get this feature work and how it will help you to trade in and out the spare materials is still unknown as there is no any official information regarding the inside of this feature available at this moment with us.

According to players who have found this Secret Vending Machines, this new section can be found in the middle of the map just below the loot. In the game, the players have to defend themselves and attack on the other players. This Vending Machine will provide an easy path to quickly match up the new weapon and can purchase them in the middle of the game. Apparently, this section will help out the players to improve their abilities and powers to perform well in the gameplay.

With the new Vending Machines section, players will now be able to make use of the game and their weapons accurately. They will have to make new strategies in order to move ahead with the game. If possible, they can also trade in or trade out their materials and weapons. More details and information about this game will be available.

With the help of the bug, many of the Fortnite Players have seen the availability of this Vending Machines feature on their game. This means that the new Vending Machines section will soon be available for everyone as the updates section itself shows off the availability of this new features.

The developers of the Epic Games are working hard to fix all the bugs and simple errors from the game as many of the players of this game have been posting about the bugs and errors available in the game. Since the game will provide you weekly updates, in future, you will get tons of additional features and more to explore within the game. Epic Games will come up with new updates which will offer more area to explore for the players of this game.

We are waiting to see what Epic Games will offer in the next update. However, we can still believe that the new Vending Machines section would be a major update to the game and it will be a crucial section for the serious players to conquer the game.

Epic Games has just released the Fortnite Battle Royale game for the iOS platform. Yes, the game has been released for public which doesn’t require any invites to install and play on a respective iOS device.