Forkable helps you get lunch without hassle


The dream is real. The day where we can get automated lunches at our offices has come at last. Forkable is an ambitious startup that is trying to solve the problem of disorganized and mundane office lunches. Users organize and arrange group lunches in an systematic and automated manner. The Forkable service uses what is known as Machine learning, where the computer (or in this case the ‘lunch robot’) attains the ability to gather and analyse information without explicitly programming it to do so. Users specify what kind of food they would like and their budget as well as any other requirements. The startup was co- founded by Joseph Kumph and Nick Naczinski. It also hopes to expand to more locations.

How to get started

forkable 3

A few things to note are that this service is meant for companies and organisations and is not possible for just anyone to start using it. This is reflected in the Sign Up page where several details need to be provided. The company name and address must be provided first. Then the number of working days (Mon – Fri) or occasional order must be specified for when those days the lunches are to be delivered. The number of participants must also be given in order to complete the sign up. Additional details such as delivery instructions, whether the lunch is to be payed by individual members or the company must be provided. And to finish the signup, the registering person’s first and last name and e-mail along with any referral needs to be provided.

The lunching process

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When you are logged in, the participants tell the lunch robot the type of food they like, any dietary restrictions/allergies and any other preferences. The lunch bot then automatically selects and organizes lunches every week for each week. Any discrepancies can be resolved at this time such as cancelling, replacing and customizing a meal. The delivery process is fully taken care of and is known to drastically reduce cost of delivery as well. Participants can then rate each meal so that the lunch bot gather more information as to what kind are the preferences of each individual over time. Forkable can be accessed on their Website.