How to fix Text Message Forwarding issues on iOS 8.1


Every user of iOS 8.1 knows about how to set up the settings for the text message forwarding from your iPhone to an iPad or any other iOS device or Mac. Here in this article you can get the clear information about how to fix the text message forwarding issues on iOS 8.1.

In order to enable the text message enabling you need to have the iMessage enable in you Phone or tablet. One more important thing is you need to have an email address enabled in iMessage settings during the setup process. If not, you are likely to run into an issue where the activation code never appears on your iPad or Mac.

If suppose you are attempt to enable the text message forwarding but the activation code never shows up, Here are the steps you need to do

  • Initially launch the settings application on your iPhone or iPad which is running on iOS 8
  • Now navigate the message option and tap on it.
  • Tap on send and receive.
  • Enable an email address by tapping on it and a check mark is placed next to it once it is active.
  • Now come back from the send and receive option and request for another activation code be send to one of your devices.
  • That’s it