How to Fix Google Play Store “This item isn’t available in your country” Error


Being an open source platform, Android allows everyone to explore a whole new environment of apps and games through the Play Store. Developers can develop new apps and games and can put them on Play Store for public use. However, some of the apps are not available to work throughout the world. Some apps are restricted only for limited locations which may not be available in your country or location. For the same, you might have encountered an error, “This item isn’t available in your country.” And we are guiding you to fix this error from here. 

If you are eager to use a particular app on your Android device which is not available officially in your current location or country, you can easily switch the connection to install such apps on your device. The procedure which we have mentioned here doesn’t require any special steps to follow or need not a rooted Android device. All it requires is a simple VPN app to change your current location and this way you will be allowed to use such restricted applications on your smartphone which is not available in your country.

If you are ready to do so, then let’s get on to the steps from where you can easily install any applications which are not available for you from the Play Store.

Fix Google Play Store “This item isn’t available in your country” Error

Step 1 :

Make sure to launch the Play Store app on your Android smartphone first. Go to the Apps menu and launch the Play Store app from your Android smartphone.

Step 2 :

Now, select the Search option and enter VPN into the Search box.

Step 3 :

You will be presented with a number of VPN apps which are there for free. Kindly select the SuperVPN option from the available options.

Step 4 :

Click on to the Install button and then Accept the terms and conditions for the same. Soon, the app will be installed on your Android smartphone.

Step 5 :

First, you would be asked to select the Country to set the service in. Kindly select United States from the list.

Step 6 :

Once selected, you would see Connect button in the middle of the display. Click on to this button from here and the device will start creating its connection.

Step 7 :

Soon, the connection will be established on your device.

Step 8 :

After this, you have to clear the data stored in your Play Store application. To do so, just follow below given path.

Settings > AppsGoogle Play Store > Clear Data

This will delete all the data stored in your Play Store application so the new location can setup things properly.

You’re done with the process. By now, you don’t have to do anything. Just go to the Play Store and search for the app which you like to install on your device which is actually not available in your country. Since we have changed the current location to the United States, the Play Store will lets you install that particular app on your device. You can behave like you are living in the selected country with the use of the VPN service and for the very same reason, the Play Store would allow you to install the restricted apps on your Android device.

Once done, you can simply start using that app on your device just like the normal apps. It will not change the User Interface of your phone or anything. There are a variety of such VPN applications available on the Play Store for trial versions. You can give them a try if you want to explore more of the VPN services. You can even purchase monthly plans from the providers if you like the overall services after using their trial versions for 20 or 30 days.