Firefox Quantum is now available with super faster browsing speed


Mozilla has finally launched the much awaited Firefox Quantum Browser in the technology world with a set of amazing features. The Quantum browser was available with its beta version for a long time which is finally coming out from it with a new stable version. Mozilla claims that this is the super faster browser you will ever use on your PC. 

Mozilla looks quite confident with this new Firefox Quantum Browser as it offers twice the speed of its original browser which makes sense to become the most popular out of the lot. Most of the web users are looking for a way to explore the web with more faster speed and this new Firefox Quantum Browser offers the same.

Firefox Quantum has a new browsing engine which boosts the actual browsing speed of a browser. The browser also includes just-right multi-process architecture to handle multiple web pages and tabs carefully. It manages everything well which is why the people are attracting towards this new generation web browser from Mozilla.

The multi-process architecture on the Quantum browser consumes less CPU. The browser uses 30% less RAM than the Google Chrome browser. So you can not have any issues with low RAM on your system. You can still browser the web super faster.

The Quantum Browser is designed for the advanced people who are looking for the best of software. This Quantum browser has a new minimal design which allows users to take screenshots and share them instantly just like a smartphone. You don’t need to use any third party tools or add-ons in order to share your screenshots. The browser has builtin functionality to capture Screenshots and to share them with other people around.

Apart from this, the browser has Pocket service which can save plenty of things and stuffs which you can use in future. You don’t need to use bookmark manager or any other tool to save stuffs. The browser has now its own Browser library where you will be able to find out all the useful options such as History, Bookmarks, Screenshots and Downloads. You can access pretty much everything from just one option.

Interestingly, Quantum Browser also supports all kinds of extensions and add-ons which you can use for better browsing experience. If you have been using different types of Add-ons on your Firefox browser, you need to update them to use on the Quantum browser in order to make them work on it. You will not be able to use them if you don’t update them.

Just to make you all believe on the claims, Mozilla has released a new comparison video of Firefox Quantum web browser and the Chrome browser. You can see the differences for yourself by going through this new comparison video of the Firefox Quantum and Google Chrome web browsers. The video itself shows super faster speed of the new Firefox Quantum browser.

Apart from this, the Quantum Browser has an interesting toolbar which allows you to do various things. The toolbar is fully customizable with simple drag and drop option through your mouse. You can customize and manage it as per your basic requirements.

This new Firefox Browser is backed up by Mozilla which offers more security to your browsing experience. The officials say that, you would feel like exploring more secured environment of web within this newly designed Firefox Quantum browser. This is the reason why we all should given this new Firefox Quantum browser a try.

Interestingly, Firefox Quantum browser is now available for Android, iOS and PC. You can download and install this new browser from the official Mozilla’s page. Go ahead and install the super faster, Firefox Quantum browser on your device to test it out its speed. You will be impressed with it and may change your default web browser as well.

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