How to find IMEI number of lost iPhone using iTunes

By | April 18, 2014


iPhone is one the world’s most popular smart phone in this planet. But once if you lost your device, it becomes a hefty task to find the IMEI number where you are out of all the purchase details of the device. Wherever we go to file the complaint regarding phone lost or to track the lost device from the service provider you need to have the IMEI number handy.

The “Find my iPhone” option of iPhone does not ask for IMEI number but that was not a feature for us since we did not have internet enabled on the phone. Internet connection is very much important if you want to use the option called “Find My iPhone“.

If you have the iPhone with you there are plenty of options to get IMEI number such as pressing *#06# etc. But after lost, you don’t have much options to go through.

After many trials and research I got to know how to find IMEI number of lost iPhone using iTunes. Read the steps mentioned below to get the IMEI number of lost iPhone.

  1. Open iTunes on your PC, no matter you are in Mac or Windows.
  2. Open “Preferences”. This can be viewed by tapping on the icon the “Edit” menu in the menu bar or on top left corner.
  3. On the “Preferences” window, select the option labeled “Devices” tab. It will show all your iOS devices list that are connected to your iTunes.
  4. Take your mouse near the iPhone that you have lost and for which you want the IMEI number. A small pop-up window will show you the following details related to your device:
    • Serial number of your device
    • IMEI number
    • Your phone number
  5. Note the details and use them to find your lost device.
Author: Galvin Carter

Galvin Carter, the Associate Editor at The Tech Bulletin, is a computer programmer by profession and a geek by passion. He likes to gather knowledge about current technologies, gadgets. Being an Android lover, his content revolves around Android. +GalvinCarter